Anti-US and UK Protests in Iran

2005-10-8 13:06:51

As the world greeted the news that Mohamed El Baradei is to share the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iranian protesters gathered for anti-US demonstrations in Tehran.

Hundreds chanted slogans condemning Europe and America's position towards Iran's nuclear programme.

Demonstrators voiced support for their country's nuclear activities.

"We will not compromise over our nuclear rights. We have gathered here to voice our support, but this is not all the people who are in favour of nuclear activities. It is only some of them coming today."

The IAEA ratified a resolution against Iran in its last meeting, warning Iran that it would be referred to the United Nations Security Council unless it allayed fears about its nuclear programme.

Iran has replied that unless the IAEA backs down, it will resume uranium enrichment, block short-notice intrusive inspections of its nuclear facilities and cut trade with countries that support the resolution.