President Bush addressed reporters in the Rose Garden yesterday and cited his concern that local officials might be unable to contain a bird flu outbreak. (Charles Dharapak/ Associated Press) Bush seeks military option on bird flu

Suggests troops should be sent in if outbreak occurs

By Jennifer Loven, Associated Press | October 5, 2005

WASHINGTON -- President Bush, stirring debate on the worrisome possibility of a bird flu pandemic, suggested dispatching American troops to enforce quarantines in any areas with outbreaks of the killer virus.

Bush asserted aggressive action could be needed to prevent a potentially crippling US outbreak of a bird flu strain that is sweeping through Asian poultry and causing specialists to fear it could become the next deadly pandemic. Citing concern that state and local authorities might be unable to contain such an outbreak, Bush asked Congress to give him the authority to call in the military [Read the rest of the article here.]

Has anyone realized that GW has totally lost his mind...or maybe he's having coke with that rum