Dr. David Ray Griffin To Speak In NYC October 15th, 2005

(Gold9472: I'm going.)

Hi all,

Hopefully on Friday we will finally get the exact time and location for our event featuring David Ray Griffin. It will be Saturday afternoon, Oct. 15th. Stay tuned for exact time. This process began back in late July at the Emergency Truth Convergence. Although we've had huge challenges securing the venue, we figure it will be well worth the effort to have him address a NY audience. He has prepared a special presentation just for this event.

During our fund drive we were able to raise a bit over $1100. This was great and our appreciation goes out to those who contributed. I will have the exact figure and costs soon, however, we spent at least that amount for the events on 9/11. Now for the DRG event coming up in 3 weeks we'll have another $1,000 or more in costs, plus we need to buy our own projector for our film series. For those who have yet to give, please help out now with $10 or more and we should have enough to get us through the next few months. You can contribute online at our site, www.ny911truth.org, or mail a check made out to me, Les Jamieson, 369 51st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220. I have all records of donations in a spread sheet as well as receipts which I'll distribute to the planning team for review. Also, we'll need help from more than the usual people who flyer because we only have 2 weekends before the event. If you're available for flyering and regular street actions please email me ASAP at jazzyday@earthlink.net with your name and phone number(s).

On another note, this is a bit long but is well worth the read. It's a hard hitting article on the failure of Noam Chomsky to acknowledge the forces of empire behind 9/11. Pass it on!


Also, here are some great pics from the march & rally in DC last weekend.


Also, to read my review and see some great photos of our 9/11/05 events, go to our site and click on the Events link. There will be a link under the photo to a section with a dozen or so more.

Truth will prevail,