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Thread: The Most Amazing Criminal Investigation In History

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    The Most Amazing Criminal Investigation In History

    The Most Amazing Criminal Investigation In History


    The following is a list of the nineteen (19) individuals who have been identified as hijackers aboard the four airliners that crashed on September 11, 2001, into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania. Information listed for each hijacker differs, but may include date of birth, address provided, or visa status. This is the extent of the information available at this time.

    The FBI requests that anyone who may have information about these individuals-even though they are presumed to be dead- to immediately contact an FBI field office or call the toll-free hotline at 1-866-483-5137.

    American Airlines #77
    Boeing 757
    8:10 am departed Washington Dulles for Los Angeles
    9:39 am crashed into the Pentagon

    1) Khalid Al-Midhar - Possible residence (s) : San Diego, California and New York, New York; Visa Status: B-1 Visa, but B-2 Visa had expired.

    2) Majed Moqed - No information available.

    3) Nawaq Alhamzi - Possible residence (s) : Fort Lee, New Jersey and Wayne, New Jersey and San Diego, California.

    4) Salem Alhamzi - Possible residence (s) : Fort Lee, New Jersey, and Wayne, New Jersey.

    5) Hani Hanjour - Possible residence (s) : Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California. Believed to be a pilot.

    American Airlines #11
    Boeing 767
    7:45 am departed Boston for Los Angeles
    8:45 am crashed into North Tower of the World Trade Center

    1) Satam Al Suqami - Date of birth used: June 28, 1976; Last known address: United Arab Emirates.

    2) Waleed M. Alshehri - Dates of birth used: September 13, 1974/January 1, 1976/ March 3, 1976/ July 8, 1977/ December 20, 1978/ May 11, 1979/ November 5, 1979; Possible residence (s) : Hollywood, Florida/ Orlando, Florida/ Daytona Beach, Florida; Believed to be a pilot.

    3) Wail Alshehri - Date of birth used: July 31, 1973; Possible residence (s) : Hollywood, Florida, and Newton, Massachusetts; Believed to be a pilot.

    4) Mohamed Atta - Date of birth used: September 1, 1968; Possible residence (s) : Hollywood, Florida/ Coral Springs, Florida/ Hamburg, Germany; Believed to be a pilot.

    5) Abdulaziz Alomari - Date of birth used: December 24, 1972 and May 28, 1979; Possible residence: Hollywood, Florida; Believed to be a pilot.

    United Airlines #175
    Boeing 767
    7:58 am departed Boston for Los Angeles
    9:05 am crashed into South Tower of the World Trade Center

    1) Marwan Al-Shehhi - Date of birth used: May 9, 1978; Possible residence: Hollywood, Florida; Visa Status: B-2 Visa; Believed to be a pilot.

    2) Fayez Ahmed - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    3) Ahmed Alghamdi - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    4) Hamza Alghamdi - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    5) Mohald Alshehri - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    United Airlines #93
    Boeing 757
    8:01 am departed Newark, New Jersey, for San Francisco
    10:10 am crashed in Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania

    1) Saeed Alghamdi - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    2) Ahmed Alhaznawi - Date of birth used: October 11, 1980; Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    3) Ahmed Alnami - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida.

    4) Ziad Jarrahi - Believed to be a pilot.
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    According to FBI Director Robert Mueller, "The hijackers also left no paper trail."

    Utterly amazing how they managed to get all 19 hijackers names with no paper trail.
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    Wow! The FBI is good. They nailed the 19 hijackers even though there was no proof they boarded any of the planes.

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    And just look at all of these articles who say some of them are still alive...

    Revealed: the men with stolen identities - Telegraph

    Hijack 'suspects' alive and well - BBC

    'Suicide hijacker' is an airline pilot alive and well in Jeddah - Indepedent
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    I like how after 4 years on intense investigation (ha!), thats all they know about the attacks!!!

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    Unraveling 9-11 was in the bags
    Luggage that didn't get put on hijacked jet provided information about terrorists, say former investigators

    April 17, 2006

    Former federal terrorism investigators say a piece of luggage hastily checked in at the Portland, Maine, airport by a World Trade Center hijacker on the morning of Sept. 11 provided the Rosetta stone enabling FBI agents to swiftly unravel the mystery of who carried out the suicide attacks and what motivated them.

    A mix-up in Boston prevented the luggage from connecting with the plane that hijackers crashed into the north tower of the trade center. Seized by FBI agents at Boston's Logan Airport, investigators said, it contained Arab-language papers revealing the identities of all 19 hijackers involved in the four hijackings, as well as information on their plans, backgrounds and motives.

    The luggage saga represents what the former federal authorities describe as an untold story of 9/11 - offering explanations for questions long unanswered about the investigation of the tragedy, such as how authorities were able to identify the hijackers so soon after the attacks.

    The former federal investigators said information found in the bag was passed on to Justice Department lawyers, who prosecuted Zacarias Moussaoui on charges growing out of the suicide attacks. A Justice Department spokesman, Brian Roehrkasse, said: "Under the judge's order, we're not going to comment on anything relating to the case."

    Mohamed Atta, a chief coordinator of the hijackings, and conspirator Abdulaziz Alomari spent the night before the attacks in room 232 of a Comfort Inn south of Portland. They checked out at 5:33 a.m. on Sept. 11. Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood said they drove in a rented blue Nissan Altima - eventually seized by the FBI - to Portland International Jetport.

    Records show the Altima was parked in an airport lot about 5:45, allowing Atta and Alomari only a few minutes to catch a 6 a.m. commuter flight to Boston's Logan Airport. Although they planned to hijack an American Airlines jet that would take off from Logan later that morning, investigators said they might have gone through Portland in the belief that airport security would be less stringent there.

    Once the commuter flight landed at Logan, Atta and Alomari boarded American Airlines Flight 11 bound for Los Angeles - which they would crash into the trade center.

    'A number of telling items'
    A staff report to the 9/11 Commission later concluded: "The Portland detour almost prevented Atta and Alomari from making Flight 11 out of Boston. In fact, the luggage they checked in Portland failed to make it onto the plane. Seized after the Sept. 11 crashes, Atta and Alomari's luggage turned out to contain a number of telling items, including correspondence from the university Atta attended in Egypt; Alomari's international driver's license and passport; a videocassette for a Boeing 757 flight simulator; and [a] folding knife and pepper spray, presumably extra weapons the conspirators decided they didn't need."

    The report did not say how many bags were checked in Portland, nor did it differentiate them by their contents. But three commission staff members who helped prepare the report said there were two pieces. Two staff members, John Raidt and R. William Johnstone, said it was clear both bags belonged to Atta. "He plopped both of them down on the luggage rack," Raidt said. "Alomari just stood by."

    An affidavit filed by FBI agent James K. Lechner in federal district court in Portland reported that two bags checked by Atta were recovered at Logan Airport Sept. 11. They were never placed on Flight 11 before it departed from Boston, Lechner said, but there was no explanation of why they had not been loaded. Lechner described them as "a green Travel Gear bag" and "a black Travelpro bag."

    A former FBI agent and a former federal prosecutor who helped direct the New England investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks told Newsday that one bag found in Boston contained far more than what the commission report cited, including the names of the hijackers, their assignments and their al-Qaida connections.

    "It had all these Arab-language papers that amounted to the Rosetta stone of the investigation," former FBI agent Warren Flagg said. The former federal prosecutor, who declined to be identified publicly, supported Flagg's account.

    Hijacker IDs
    "How do you think the government was able to identify all 19 hijackers almost immediately after the attacks?" Flagg asked. "They were identified through those papers in the luggage. And that's how it was known so soon that al-Qaida was behind the hijackings.

    The former prosecutor agreed that papers from the luggage helped identify suspects. "I can't speak on the record about that evidence," he said. "This evidence was gathered under grand jury subpoenas and I can't discuss grand jury matters."

    The papers discovered in the hijackers' luggage were bolstered by other evidence gathered against the conspirators by the FBI, the former federal prosecutor said. "These guys left behind a paper trail," he said. "They had bank accounts. They rented cars. They had to show what they were doing in the United States. We investigated 9/11 from day one on the assumption that there might be a criminal prosecution."

    But when it seemed clear that all 19 hijackers had been killed in the attacks, jurisdiction transferred from various federal prosecutors' offices around the country to Justice Department headquarters in Washington.

    Flagg, an FBI agent for 22 years, worked on terrorism cases, among others. Now president of Flaggman Inc., a Manhattan-based investigative firm, he was retired by Sept. 11 but stayed in close touch with former FBI colleagues and prosecutors.

    He said he first heard the account of the luggage's significance in the investigation on Sept. 28, 2001, after attending the funeral for John O'Neill, a former top FBI antiterrorism official who died helping others to safety Sept. 11 in his new job as director of security at the World Trade Center.

    After the funeral, he said, he fell into conversation with a young FBI agent he had helped train in the New York office. The agent, working on the Sept. 11 investigation, told him about the luggage. The agent said the New England prosecutor helping direct the investigation - whom Flagg also knew - was familiar with the evidence. Flagg said he telephoned the prosecutor that same day and received confirmation of the agent's account.

    "I was devastated because word had already leaked out of the hijackers' identities," Flagg said. "But I was also excited that the FBI had so much evidence so quickly."

    The young FBI agent, who has since left the agency, works in private industry and is reportedly in Dubai. He could not be reached for comment.

    News reports published in late September and early October 2001 described a piece of luggage apparently belonging to Atta that had been discovered at Logan Airport after the attacks.

    That piece of luggage was said to contain Arab-language papers amounting to Atta's last will and testament, along with instructions to the other hijackers to prepare themselves physically and spiritually for death. The papers also admonished them: "Check all of your items - your bag, your clothes, knives, your will, your IDs, your passport, your papers. ... Make sure that nobody is following you." Similar papers were also found in the wreckage of another crashed airliner.

    Flagg and the former prosecutor, however, said it was the second bag that identified all 19 hijackers.

    "That was the one that became the Rosetta stone," Flagg said.

    Tracking the hijackers
    Luggage left at Portland airport enabled investigators to quickly identify the Sept. 11, 2001 hijackers, including leader Mohamed Atta and conspirator Abdulaziz Alomari.

    1. Atta and Alomari check out of a Comfort Inn in Portland, Maine at 5:33 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001.

    2. 5:45 a.m.: They drive to Portland airport, arriving at about 5:45 a.m., for a scheduled flight to Boston.

    3. They board a 6 a.m. commuter flight from Portland to Boston's Logan Airport.

    4. Atta and Alomari board American Airlines Flight 11, for an 8 a.m. flight from Boston to Los Angeles.

    5. Atta, Alomari and others hijack Flight 11 at 8:14 a.m.; they crash it into the World Trade Center's North Tower at 8:46 a.m.

    6. Atta's luggage fails to make it onto Flight 11. The bag, left at Portland, contains evidence that helps investigators identify the hijackers.

    About the reporter

    Michael Dorman, an Opinion editor for Newsday who covered the civil rights movement for the paper in the 1960s, is also the author of 17 books, including "The Secret Service Story" and "The George Wallace Myth."
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    But I thought according to FBI Director Robert Mueller, "The hijackers also left no paper trail."?
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    Partridge Guest
    Yet another Amazing Coincidence

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    911TRUTH Guest
    Although I don't know for sure of course...

    After alot of reading there seems to be a trend of double identities for many of the alleged hijackers. Photos are very inconsistent (check photos for yourself - its unbelievable) the car rental times and locations of Atta that day make no sense. You simply can't get an idea of who many of these guys were. Parents come out to say how they were framed. The father of Atta says hes sure the picture isn't him, and was a meek kid who only went abroad to study. Many are claimed to be alive. The list goes on.

    Were these just framed identities? Were these handpicked Arabs that would be easy to frame as terrorists?

    Using agents posed as Arab terrorists to carry out attacks?? Preposterous!! It sounds outrageous, but Israel has carried out terrorist attacks before with Israeli secret agents trained to act and look like Arabs. If its happened before - then whats so outrageous about thinking it happened this time?

    Strangely blatant evidence was left that day... are we are supposed to believe these al-qaeda operatives carrying out the most important attack in their history really needed to carry incriminating flight manuals and korans that day? That a passport flew out of the WTC impact unscathed? It reeks of planted evidence.

    Everyone knows Israeli Mossad agents were all over the place. Around 60 were detained - Fox did a report on how Israel had infiltrated our government and set up buisness fronts across the nation, all to be disbanded after 9/11.

    On our side, Able Danger knew about and followed the hijackers. Much information has been shredded.

    So - if there is information that strongly suggests these 19 people aren't the al-qaeda operatives we were told, who - logically - would know about their true identites?

    We were told this was a complete suprize. What were these American and Israeli operations about and why does no one talk about their existence? Why is there no investigation into the lives of the hijackers prior to the supposed 911 operation?

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Partridge
    Yet another Amazing Coincidence
    Is the phrase "Amazing Coincidence" copywrited?

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