Four House committee to vote on requesting CIA leak docs


A move by House Democrats to force congressional committees to vote on resolutions demanding Bush cabinet agencies turn over records relating to the outing of a CIA agent is expected to come to a vote this week, RAW STORY has learned.

The Committees include the House Judiciary Committee, the House International Relations Committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Armed Services Committee.

Votes may begin as soon as tomorrow.

The case took on new life in August when a Time reporter's notes revealed that he had spoken to senior Bush adviser Karl Rove about the case. If approved, such a resolution would use the power of Congress to force relevant cabinet agencies to turn over any materials relating to the outing.

This resolution has come forward various times since conservative columnist Robert Novak revealed Valerie Plame Wilson was an undercover CIA operative in 2003. Each time, the measure failed along party lines.

As the minority party in the House, Democrats have limited mobility in terms of legislation and judicial powers. A resolution of inquiry is a procedure that can be invoked to force committees controlled by the majority party to hold a vote.

"It is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive Branch," ranking Judiciary Democrat Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) said in a statement.

Conyers called the outing "one of the most serious breaches of national security in recent history" and said it was "likely was done for political reasons, to retaliate against the operative's husband for successfully challenging the President's claim that Iraq had sought nuclear materials in Africa."

Republicans have previously rejected the measure, saying they do not want to interfere with an ongoing investigation. A special prosecutor is currently conducting an inquiry.

The grand jury, which has produced no indictments, is empaneled through Oct. 15.

Democrats say they will broadcast the vote on the Internet. The following is a listing of the expected markup times and Internet sites for webcasting.

House Judiciary Committee, Wednesday, September 14, 10 AM, ET, 2141 Rayburn Building. Simulcast at:

House International Relations Committee, Wednesday: 10:30 AM, ET, Simulcast at

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: Thursday, September 15, 1 PM ET. closed to public.

House Armed Services Committee, Time TBA, Tuesday, September 20, Simulcast at