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Thread: U.S. Underestimates Threat Of Nuclear War With China: Wei

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    U.S. Underestimates Threat Of Nuclear War With China: Wei

    US underestimates threat of Nuclear war with China: Wei,00050001.htm

    (Gold9472: Oh joy.)

    Press Trust of India
    Washington, September 2, 2005

    Claiming that China holds a "substantial" nuclear threat, which is being underestimated by the US leadership, a Chinese pro-democracy leader has warned that a Sino-US nuclear war over Taiwan is likely in the near future.

    "In the past China may have felt it was not time for them to confront the US," Wei Jingsheng, who spent about 18 years in Chinese prisons before his release in 1997, was quoted as saying by a media report on Thursday.

    "Now things are different. Now the Chinese feel that they need to use these kinds of nuclear threats. China is very serious about that. The nuclear threat from China is a substantial threat, not theoretical," he said.

    Wei, in an interview to The Washington Times, claimed that he has heard from government officials in China, including some within the military, who are worried by the growing chance of a nuclear war.

    He said President George W Bush and other US leaders do not fully understand the chances of a conflict breaking out and must do more to avert it.

    Wei claimed that social unrest in China was rising and its leadership was divided by factions headed by President Hu Jintao and former President Jiang Zemin. There were also elements within the military who think that a war to retake Taiwan should begin as soon as possible.

    "There are many conflicts within the military," he said.

    To avert war, Wei urged the Bush Administration to put more pressure on China's government in the areas of human rights and trade.
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    princesskittypoo Guest
    i think we should give up taiwan.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    In the coming years: America is going to invade Iran. China will invade Taiwan.

    America and China will get into another "Cold War" like situation and the U.S. may have to drop the 'big one' on China.

    End of story.

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