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Thread: The Skinny in New Orleans

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    dz Guest

    The Skinny in New Orleans

    figured this would be a good place to dump new info as it comes in.. i am listening to the radio scanners of the national guard as well..

    latest updates:

    troops fresh from iraq have shoot to kill orders.

    Mayor Ray Nagin conducted a VERY heated interview last night which is something you really have to hear.. i dont know if it will get any media coverage, but it really should be listened to. he made one point in the interview about the widespread drug use and addiction in new orleans and pointed out that there were large numbers of these people looking for a fix, and that they may make up the largest percentage of violent people. if i find the audio of this interview i will be sure to share it asap.

    no crack = crazy addicts.,00.html
    At 4:35 a.m. Friday, an explosion rocked a chemical storage facility near the Mississippi River east of the French Quarter, said Lt. Michael Francis of the Harbor Police. A series of smaller blasts followed and then acrid, black smoke that could be seen even in the dark. The vibrations were felt all the way downtown.

    Francis did not have any other information about the explosions and did not know if there were any casualties. At least two police boats could be seen at the scene and a hazardous material team was on route.
    multiple requests for more police in the dome, they are sending in mounted units (horsies).. many requests for porta-potties as none of the refugee points have sufficient toilets..

    ill keep posting back as things develop.

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    dz Guest
    the astrodome is going a bit crazy right now.. they are arguing over whether they are or aren't taking more people right now.. they have busses of ppl sitting in the parking lot waiting on the final decision.. there are no porta potties for those waiting in the busses, but they are on the way..

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    dz Guest
    army helicopters have been flying over baton rouge towards new orleans all morning.. they look like these:

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    rachel Guest

    Recording of Mayor Nagin's Interview

    You can download an mp3 of Mayor Nagin's interview here:

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    princesskittypoo Guest
    i'm glad you two are safe. i don't know if i could act so calm being so near to all that is happening adn be able to keep my composure. i'm sure all this is very stressfull for both of you. keep yourself safe. i would imagine you havehad an inflow of a great amount of people. could get the tensions rising as well.

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