So....why won't he produce the chart now?
August 19, 2005

Able Danger Late Update: The reason the details on what Able Danger actually found have been so frustratingly vague may not be just because the information is lost or compartmentalized but because LTC Shaffer concedes he's not very familiar with its findings. See this. For instance, he says he didn't realize on 9/11 the Able Danger team had actually identified its lead hijacker Mohamed Atta a year earlier, but an Able Danger team member told him. It's anticipated that two other individuals associated with Able Danger may come forward in coming days. 'Dr. Able Danger,' the PhD statitician who allegedly alerted Shaffer of the fact that Able Danger had identified Atta after the attacks, and a Navy expert in futuristic warfare, Capt. Scott Phillpott, with whom Shaffer has been working recently to try to get funding -- from Weldon and the Hill -- for a new Able Danger-like data mining program. (Presumably, Phillpott is the Navy official who approached the 9/11 commission's Dieter Snell in July 2004 and said that he had briefly seen a chart that showed AD had ID'd Atta a year in advance of the attacks). As to the timing of why this is all coming out only now, Shaffer revealed in his appearance on NPR's Talk of the Nation Wednesday that it was Weldon's idea to make a fuss over Able Danger being shut down, only after Shaffer and Phillpott recently approached him to get support for funding their new data mining proposal. But, still I'm confused about the timing of this coming out now, as, I've said like a broken record for two weeks, Weldon's been showing some such chart from an Able Danger like program for more than three years. So the question of the timing of Shaffer's being pushed forward now by Weldon is still a mystery. Weldon's comments on Fox yesterday suggest he doesn't appreciate the focus turning now on what the Pentagon knew and whether it shared all it had with the 9/11 commission. It turns out the 9/11 commission requested any documents on Able Danger from the Pentagon not once, but three times, according to Republican former chair of the commission, Thomas Kean, who's also not sounding very happy about having the commission's integrity challenged by Weldon. (Where's the White House on this? Anything?)

Weldon's had the Able Danger inspired chart for more than three years now (according to his book, since weeks after September 11th), so what is going on? And contrary to his recent pronouncements, he didn't apparently give his only copy to Steve Hadley in October 2001 because he was showing another copy at this talk in May 2002. So....why won't he produce the chart now?

Posted by Laura at August 19, 2005 10:14 AM

So....why won't he produce the chart now?

Weldon will find some way to connect 9/11 and Iran. Boom!
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