08/16/05 -- "ICH" --

Mr. President:

I am your fellow Republican, an honest and patriotic American, a few years senior to you.

I call upon YOU as a man and a Christian, to end NOW by your personal order, all torture and mistreatment of all persons held by us, or by others pursuant to our request, anywhere in the world, for any "reason".

I call upon you as well to begin our withdrawal from your Iraq misadventure.

There is no reason for Americans to tolerate your further weakness and indecision in these matters.

Impeachment of both you and Vice President Cheney is a lawful process that is available to us if these outrages do not stop. In my campaign for Congress here in Vermont, and in my efforts to rouse other "citizen candidacies" for Congress across the nation in the coming months, I will not hesitate to recommend your impeachment.


Dennis Morrisseau

PO Box 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775

Website at: http://www.2ltmorrisseau.com