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Thread: Film Series Tackles 9/11 Questions

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    Film Series Tackles 9/11 Questions

    Film series tackles 9/11 questions

    By JESSIE SALISBURY, Telegraph Staff
    Published: Monday, Aug. 15, 2005

    WILTON – The official 9/11 Commission report has apparently left many people with more questions than it has answered, prompting a spate of books and documentaries on the subject.

    One of those films, “Questions Concerning 9/11 and American Empire,” was shown at the Town Hall Theater on Sunday, part of the continuing Confronting The Issues Film Festival. The film features a speech made by Dr. David Ray Griffin, theology professor emeritus at Claremont Theology School in California. He is also the author of two books on the subject, “The New Pearl Harbor” and “9/11 Commission Report: Deletions and Distortions.”

    The program was presented by Women Making a Difference and Democracy for New Hampshire.

    About 35 people attended the showing, and about 30 attended the discussion held afterward in the Town Hall courtroom.

    Griffin points to a number of omissions in the report, including agitation for a war with Iraq for several years, the refusal of the Taliban to allow an oil pipeline to be built across Afghanistan, and the need, expressed by some high officials, for American domination of the Middle East.

    The report states Andrews Air Force Base (outside of Washington, D.C.) and McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, did not keep fighter planes on constant alert, although it had been proven that both do.proven that both do.

    The implication is made that the attack was “an inside job” and that the Bush administration knew about it in advance, that the World Trade Center towers did not collapse from the attack or resulting fires, but from “controlled demolition.”

    The discussion was led by Rye’s Susan Mayer, a member of the Seacoast Peace Activists, and Nancy White of Women Making a Difference, a grass-roots action group begun in Amherst.

    Most of those at the discussion appeared to agree with the film that there “is something not being told (to us), there is something fishy,” as Mayer said.

    Asked what an ordinary person can do, Mayer said write to your congressman, write letters to the editor. Her group is preparing and “event” in Portsmouth on Sept. 11. The event will include signs asking various questions, handouts, street theater and the Leftist Marching Band. She suggested other groups do the same.

    White said a documentary on 9/11 featuring Rep. Cynthia McKenney, D-Ga., would be shown in two parts on CSPAN2 on Aug. 31 and Sept. 2.

    Several books are available at area bookstores, including a new book from England – “9/11 Revealed, an Examination of the Official Version” by Rowland Morgan and Ian Henshall.

    Next Sunday, the topic will be “Poison Dust,” about the depleted uranium being used in our weapons in the last several wars.

    “Gulf war syndrome has all the symptoms of radiation poisoning,” White said.

    The movie is free and begins at 4:30 p.m.

    Prior to the program, about 30 people listened to a presentation on the federal budget by ShowMeTheMoney.

    The presentation showed the military budget to be over half of federal expenditures, and demonstrated how the money could be better distributed to meet the wishes of New Hampshire people who have responded to polls. Polls indicate that people want more money spent o education, child health, developing alternative fuels and reducing the budget.
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    somebigguy Guest
    35 people attended???? Thats a damn shame, they gotta publicize these events a little more.

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    911=inside job Guest
    one time i went and saw in plane site in berkeley and there was about 6 people there.. lol.. it was strange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 911=inside job
    one time i went and saw in plane site in berkeley and there was about 6 people there.. lol.. it was strange...
    That's bullshit. You never saw "In Plane Site".
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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