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    August 12, 2005

    For those of us who have doubted the American people would respond honorably to current events, you had better think again. The neocons have underestimated the people and overestimated themselves. This was a fatal mistake predicated upon ignorance; a lesson to be learned because the people are coming. Even in strong republican enclaves there is deep disgust with the Bush cabal. It is true the vast majority of Americans do not grasp the depth of the betrayal but they know enough to despise Bush and the neocons and they are looking for more information every day. Blogging has increased 45% in the first quarter of this year.

    The special prosecutor, Fitzgerald, has been put under maximum pressure. When Gonzales went to see him "to tell him what a great job he was doing", it is certain Fitzgerald's life flashed before his eyes. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn the neocons had his parents in a basement somewhere with a gun to their heads. Can he stand up to them or will the indictments be quashed? We will know soon. If, for whatever reason, the indictments are not forthcoming, and Roberts is appointed to the court, we will know there is no "law" in the land whatsoever for the people. But if the indictments against the administration hold, that may be enough to end this horrific nightmare; something the neocons fully realize, which is why it is unlikely they will allow it to occur.

    Someone wrote recently, the neocons have a gambler's mentality. The more they lose, the higher they raise the stakes. Will they throw in their hand or go for broke? As Mr.Hussain has pointed out ("The Coming 9/11 For Dummies": ) there is no road back for them. They will be prosecuted and, if there is any justice in the world, executed for the criminals and mass murderers they are.

    The neocons have lost Iraq but deny it; the polls clearly indicate they have lost the people; Mr. Hackett was winning an election in a republican stronghold (until there was a "glitch" in the diebold machines caused by "humidity", which, when fixed, delivered a republican win) which means the neocons realize they are looking at a landslide against them in '06 (they can rig a close election but do not yet have the capability to manipulate a landslide); they have been frustrated in their insane desire to attack Iran; the huge republican scandal of "coingate" is boiling over in Ohio; a republican senator (and thousands of others) are demanding a real investigation of 9/11 and the wonderful Cindy Sheehan is parked outside Bush's ranch in Crawford heaping humiliation upon this misbegotten liar.

    The neocons are doomed. They are finished. The only question is the method of resolution. We have had insane "leaders" before; Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin, but we have never seen an entire group of madmen take over a country as the neocons have taken over the U.S. It is a tremendous challenge trying to affect an appropriate response.

    No one wants WWIII. The only maniacs eager to use nuclear weapons are in Washington. And, it is quite true, the American people are in the best position to stop them. The neocons understand this perfectly well and are terrified of the people. Their entire ability to continue their criminal behavior is the result of warmongering corporate owned media providing a steady diet of propaganda to mislead and confuse the people. Even for those of us who are well informed, trying to figure all the angles is, quite frankly, impossible. There will always be information missing or impossible to acquire, but it is certain the neocons will continue the attempt to implement their plans of empire until they are physically stopped.

    They do not necessarily have to be stopped by a nuclear bomb. The rest of the world knows quite well the majority of Americans either do not understand the situation or want no part of what is occurring. The neocons actually want "terrorists" to attack Americans and others. It will save them the trouble of having to manufacture these attacks themselves. The beatings, rape, torture and murder of "detainees" has two purposes; to intimidate and to create terrorists. The neocons need terrorits because they are using "terrorism" to justify every crime they commit. If, in fact, the American people fully understood what was going on, they would march on Washington, pull these people out of their offices and hang them.

    It has been accurately pointed out, the neocons can't have it both ways. If they attack the American people again, even the uninformed, who would not understand the neocons actually perpetrated the attacks, will still know full well they "caused" them. The neocons are in hell (not as hot as the one we all wish to send them to but hell nonetheless). They are completely trapped and leaders throughout the rest of the world know this. It will not be necessary to have WWIII but only to have patience. When these subhuman murdering thugs are attacking and killing people it is difficult to even think of being patient, however, that is what it will take from the world in order for the American people to reclaim their country.....which they will.

    The neocons are classic bullies. All bullies are cowards. They have managed to appeal to the very worst instincts of some of the most dispicable people on the planet. There is also genuine terror of these people in Washington. Anyone paying close attention knows well enough there have been several assassinations made to appear as "suicides". Many assume the utterly corrupt congress is worried about losing their jobs but they are probably even more worried about losing their lives. However, when the object of fear demonstrates vulnerabilily, it will embolden those who have previously cowered or hesitated. And the neocons are beginning to show vulnerability.

    Put all of that together and you realize another "9/11" is a virtual certainty in the absence of strong indictments or in the necessity of preventing those indictments from being acted upon. For the neocons, watching their grand plan crumble cannot be tolerated; they must act and do it quickly; quite probably the "terrorist" attack(s) will come in mid to late September. Such actions, however, will not produce the desired result.

    The neocons must attack the American people again to "justify" the attack upon Iran. Even if the Israelis do it as proxy, the result will be the same. It will not work. An attack upon Iran is suicidal. They will retaliate dramatically (as is their right) and certainly shut down the Strait of Hormuz through which passes 30% of the oil used daily in the U.S. Our economy will collapse (among other things)......which the neocons actually desire because they believe if the American people are frightened and unable to find food, they will be desperate for the "war president" to take care of them.

    While that may be true for a small segment of the population, it will not be true for the majority. The majority are going to be enraged almost beyond description. When the American people are pushed to the wall, there will be a revolution. Who will protect the neocons from the people? There is no avoiding it, many of us are going to die, here, in Iraq, in Iran......many. But that will not save the neocons. They are doomed, utterly doomed. Too many people know exactly who they are and what they are doing. They cannot put the genie back in the bottle.

    The most important element to remember; to learn and to never forget is that people are people. The vast majority of people throughout the world are good people who merely want to live decent lives. The neocons are the devastating and predictable end of capitalism. They are the manifestation and minions of warmongering corporations who feed on the blood of the people. All the people, everywhere, all over the world.

    When we are frightened, it is easy to become confused. We can be manipulated into believing our friend is our "enemy" as the neocons sow the seeds of anger and prejudice. The people of the world have no enemies except arrogance and greed which are fostered by selfserving capitalism and corruption.

    Defeating the neocons, which we will, is more a beginning then an end. Imagine if our leaders were good people. Imagine if they had talked to the American people about the end of oil and how we might manage to adapt to this new reality. Imagine how people and countries could work together for the common good of all.

    That is the country and world we must build if we do not want to see any more neocon destroyers. We must remember there is nothing that separates the people of the world or prohibits us from working together except greed and arrogance when it is allowed to flourish.

    The American people fell asleep at the wheel. They forgot maintaining a republic, a democracy, takes constant vigilance. I hope we never forget again because, after the neocons are defeated, the people have to learn about the end of oil and how to respond to dramatic climate change.

    Siberia is melting. Millions of acres are permeated with methane (the primary green house gas) and, as the earth continues to melt, that gas will be released into the atmospere raising temperatures higher and more quickly then previously thought. The Russian scientists have called it an "ecological landslide". It is the same in Alaska where the methane is bubbling up preventing refreezing. We The People of the World do not have time to indulge maniacal murderers fantasizing about world domination. We have to defeat the neocons, kill the corporations and work together to save the planet; home to us all.

    People have held onto their illusions regarding Bush for many reasons. One of the strongest is because the atrocities committed by the neocons are not believable to a reasonable person and when all the mainstream media support neocon lies, I think it is nearly impossible for the average American to comprehend the truth. I have family members who are committed republicans. I sent them article after article regarding torture and they simply could not believe it; American troops would never do such things. They believe this is "liberal", "left-wing" media slander. This mindset has been profound.

    However, the thousand cuts of one piece of damning information after another, one action after another by the Bush cabal that contradicts what they say, has been seen by the people. If Bush was a honorable president, he would walk down his driveway and talk to Cindy Sheehan. If he believed in what he was doing, he would have been able to face her. The people may not understand much but they understand that.

    Once trust is broken, once the betrayal is felt in the heart, it is done. The blind trust will vanish; which is happening now. Any further statements and explantions by Bush and the neocons will be highly suspect while other voices will be raised in truth and finally heard.

    It will take more time and more blood to resolve this horrific situation but it will be resolved. There is certainly corruption throughout the world and world leadership but this neocon insanity is recognized by them as something apart. We must beg their patience and assistance during this period of confrontation and adversity.

    I believe the indictments against the neocons are supposed to be handed down/made public in October. That would strongly suggest the "terrorist" attacks against American citizens will occur near the middle or end of September . It would also suggest one of the "targets" will be Chicago, where Mr. Fitzgerald and the evidence against the neocons is located. Certainly one of the worst trials ever faced by the American people and the world is upon us. We must be strong and remember we are all in this together. We will prevail.


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