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Thread: Action Required: Nuke Terror Drills This Weekend

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    Action Required: Nuke Terror Drills This Weekend

    Hi all,

    We need to get the Nuke Terror Drills info out to everyone. At the bottom of this message, I have included the phone numbers of various levels of government, as well as some links to help you find out who your local member of congress is.

    What follows is a short message stating in no uncertain terms that we would not be fooled by another staged terror attack. Please send this to all your media, political, and personal contacts. Post it on bulletin boards and blogs and tell the people there to do the same. Simply cut and paste what is written here, or write your own thing, and begin emailing it out. Lets fill up the inboxes of all politicians and the media.

    Here's the text of the email, followed by some numbers and websites to help you contact the government. You'll notice in the first paragraph it says "congress/the media" change this part of the email depending on who you're sending the message to:

    Subject: Terrorism Fears

    Hello there, I am writing to you to express my fears of another terrorist attack and was hoping you could use your influence as a member of congress/the media to try to prevent it.

    Looking back on the attacks on 9/11, it has become common knowledge that the U.S. Government was engaged in various war games that morning, one of which involved, unbelievably, an airliner being flown into a building. Labeled Vigilant Warrior and Vigilant Guardian among others, these war games may have been responsible for the lack of air response by the FAA and Norad. Here is a hyperlink to a news article on this topic:

    Coincidentally, the London attacks on July 7 occurred at precisely the same time as "bombing exercises" were underway in the London Subway tunnels. Here is a link to more information on this topic:

    The odds of identical terrorism drills being underway at the same time as the actual attacks on 9/11 and 7/7 are simply unfathomable. These drills are merely smoke screens to obfuscate the actual attacks, there is no other logical conclusion that can be made.

    In another more shocking coincidence, President Bush attempted to prevent any serious investigation into the 9/11 attacks, as did Tony Blair after the July 7th attacks. More information on both of these topics can be found here:

    The reason I am writing to you and why this issue is so urgent is that the United States Government is currently planning an exercise to focus on a nuclear terror scenario. Information on these exercises can be found here:

    President Bush has been pushing hard for an attack on Iran for some time now and may be considering staging a nuclear attack by the Iranians under cover of the nuclear terrorism exercise to achieve it. The United States government and all other governments of the world need to realize that we will NOT be fooled again and we will NOT be herded like sheep everytime they need to further their agenda. Another government sponsored terror attack will be the end of the Bush Administration with the perpetrators being tried for treason.

    President Bush is currently suffering the lowest approval rating of his presidential career, Iraq is a failure, and the American Public is waking up. The Plight of Cindy Sheehan accurately depicts the attitude of the general public and it will only get worse. This government needs to know that further staged terror attacks WILL NOT be tolerated.

    This letter is being sent to all media, government, and personal contacts on my list as well as many others, please do the right thing and give it the attention it deserves.

    Contact your representative:
    Your Congressman and Senators202) 224-3121.
    White House: 202-456-2421
    FEMA Region IV (Atlanta): 770-220-5200, (770) 220-5224, and (770) 220-5225.
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- ask if they're looking into the local FEMA office's role: 404-526-5342 or 1-800-756-2489
    # South Carolina Emergency Management Division: 803-737-8500
    # Charleston Post-Courier 843-937-5561
    # Charleston television: WCBD 2 -- 1-843-884-2288 ; WCIV 4 -- (843) 723-4403 ; WCSC 5 (843) 402-5555
    # North Carolina Emergency Management (919)733-3825 ("Mid-August" terror dril schedulded over several days )
    # Joint Task Force Civil Support at Ft. Monroe at 757-788-6259
    # United States Marine Corps' Chemical Biological Incident Response Force: (301)744-2038 ; (301)744-2027 ; (301)744-2069
    # NORTHCOMM: 719-554-4652
    # Pentagon: 703/545-6700
    # C-SPAN Washington Journal: 202-624-1111; 202-624-1115; 202-737-6734
    # Lush Limbaugh: 1-800-282-2882
    # Any radio talk show, no matter what policitcal persuasion. Air America's number is 1-866-303-2270
    # Local print media -- ask them why they aren't running a story on this.

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    Iran , LONDON, Wargames and Other Distractions
    Keep Your Eyes on the Ball – The Real “End” is Near, But Not from These Places

    (Gold9472: Some of this article leans towards ego stroking, but he does have some good points...)

    by Michael C. Ruppert

    August 12, 2005 0700 PST (FTW): -- I woke up this morning to a host of panicked and hysterical emails about pending nuclear attacks against US cities; about a multitude of rumors that the US is planning on invading and/or even nuking Iran in the near future. Most of the sources of these reports were so-called Internet “journalists” with absolutely horrible reporting ethics and even worse records of making accurate predictions. Readers should actually check “batting averages” before running amok and encouraging others to do so. How often do these guys get it right? These writers also apparently don’t know the first thing about proper sourcing standards either. Examination of most of these reports reveals rumors, unsubstantiated gossip, unsourced anecdotes, anonymous sources and connections that are so far-fetched as to be laughable. One “journalist” even tried to prove that CNN’s new program “Situation Room” was reason to expect an imminent US attack on Iran or a nuclear attack on a US city by our own government. Give me a break!

    I’m not saying that our government isn’t capable of such things. I’m just saying that I refuse to be driven into a state of paralyzed hysteria over such unpersuasive evidence. For the neocons to nuke an American city it would have to be the end of the world as we know it anyway. They wouldn’t gain much after getting everything (all the money they asked for or stole) they demanded to prevent just that: The Patriot Act (now permanent), Homeland Security, Northcom, Iraq, secret tribunals, the authority to impose martial law, etc., etc., etc. You know.

    Even Wayne Madsen, a journalist I respect, who does know about sourcing and fact checking has published a story based upon apparently real intelligence briefings stating that the US was actually contemplating a nuclear attack on Iran and the seizure of its oil-rich province, Khuzestan. The report and briefing Madsen described probably did take place and are worthy of reportage for that fact alone. But the events described therein will never take place. Anyone with even a passing actual familiarity with intelligence and covert operations understands that these events are often well-orchestrated government disinformation operations. Wayne did not say whether he believed the reports. He reported on the fact of the reports. Why was something that secret leaked to him in the first place? Why now?


    Answering two simple questions should convince you of the same thing. Then you should ask, “What is it that we’re not supposed to be seeing?”

    First: Did Iraqi oil production increase or decrease after the US invaded Iraq in 2003 and do you believe it possible for the US to attack Iran (especially with nuclear weapons) and have Iranian oil production remain unchanged? [If your answer yes, please go to your nearest mental health clinic and ask for strong drugs.]

    Second: With oil production dramatically falling around the world; and since it is now known that global demand is exceeding supply on a monthly basis, do you honestly believe that China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Britain, India, Malaysia and Europe would permit even the loss of 100 barrels per day of Iranian crude from their own economies? Now, as we see below, there are clear signs that Russian production may also be falling. (FTW has been warning of this for some time). Russia is the world’s second largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia.

    Here are the world's ten-largest exporters in million of tons per year (Source: IEA):

    Saudi Arabia 353
    Russia 137
    Norway 137
    Venezuela 123
    Iran 102
    Nigeria 98
    UAE 96
    Mexico 91
    UK 85
    Iraq 75

    Does anyone believe that any loss of Iranian oil will be tolerated anywhere? Madsen was quite correct when he said that a US invasion of Iran (or even an air attack) would lead almost instantly to strategic nuclear war. In my opinion, everyone that had the delivery systems to do it (maybe even France and Britain) would send everything they had at us – that’s right us – within days if we persisted with such lunacy. Hell, they might even do it preemptively. That, of course, is something the US gave itself the right to do anywhere in the world just after 9/11. Tit-for-tat! It’s only fair Dick.

    This flurry of recent scare stories from many places on the Internet and elsewhere is telling in and of itself. Someone has cranked up the “Mighty Wurlitzer” of propaganda to distract our attention. “Bush/Cheney Secretly Indicted” is another totally unsubstantiated and horrible piece of journalism that got legs lately. The headline was based on one source, not in a position of authority, with absolutely no corroboration or verifiable confirmation of any kind. How easily are fools deceived? There’s another story that the removal of an Army four-star general in command of TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) was removed not for misconduct, or political reasons, but because he was being mutinous over these invasion plans which are unsubstantiated anyway. There was no sourcing or confirmation for this fear-mongering story either, except those deadly “anonymous” sources known only to the author. In almost eight years, FTW has mentioned anonymous sources only two or three times and then NEVER as a primary or sole source. We would do that only in a confirming second-source role and clearly say that. That’s the rules and we play by them here.

    Who are these people writing for? Not me. Not you. I have been in shootings as a police officer. I’m not afraid to take action. But please, give me just a little more to go on before asking me to join you all in hysteria. Journalism is supposed to be a public service, not a public health hazard.

    I can say four things about the London bombings. The first thing I can tell you about the London bombings and all that has followed is that I certainly cannot believe the official story.

    The second thing is that I don’t know what to believe.

    The third thing is that as a result of London there has been a much more dramatic restriction of civil liberties and freedom of movement in both Britain and the US and Australia, and Italy and… We have swallowed it without a whimper, not even a serious “Hey, can we think about this?” Public transportation is now thoroughly regulated and subject to fascist abuse and control. You heard me.

    The fourth thing is that when cops panic we are all in deep trouble.

    I was in two “in-policy” shootings as a Los Angeles police officer. Working in South Central Los Angeles, I trained and practiced endlessly. I taught rookies (we called them probationers) in the streets in real-life. Then in 1977 I was transferred to the staff of the Los Angeles Police Academy where I assisted in evaluating how well LAPD’s trainers trained. I guess someone thought I had good judgment.

    The London cops lost it completely when they shot an innocent, unarmed man six times in the head and that speaks endless volumes about the real state of things. That scares me more than a hundred possible suicide bombers. Because when you cross the threshold where the police panic and don’t come back instantly, anarchy and chaos stare you right in the face. Anarchy and chaos are ugly. They have real bad breath too. Those suicide bombers look a little less intimidating given the choice, don’t they? There’s a lesson there.

    Those trying to imitate/steal/plagiarize my research in “Crossing the Rubicon” have also been trying to make us all believe that every time there is a wargame exercise anywhere it means another attack is coming. There was one mass casualty exercise underway on July 7 th near one of the explosions in London. Rubicon detailed five (now six) known wargames on 9/11 which intentionally interacted to effectively paralyze emergency response only in the area being attacked. They were planned that way. They were approved and coordinated by Dick Cheney.

    One wargame exercise in London, or North Carolina or anywhere else proves absolutely nothing except that maybe someone is doing their job. Some people are now going hysterical every time an exercise is announced anywhere and asking everyone else to join them. Wargame exercises have been taking place for decades (almost all announced in advance) and are one of the most effective means of emergency preparedness training in existence. One wargame exercise alone proves nothing and signals no cause for alarm. How do you think agencies justify their budgets? They plan. They train. That’s what they should do. It’s what works.

    The first London bombings may have been a false flag operation (emphasis on “may”). The second bombings quite likely were not. I’m suspecting copycats. I also wouldn’t put it past British and UK authorities to have staged the first bombings as a calculated risk to draw out suspected cells early before they did more harm down the road. Does anyone remember Coventry?

    We have living suspects in custody from London (too many to control in my opinion). We also know that many mid-level officials are getting very skeptical about the honesty of those who lead them and issue them orders. If I were a police executive in London and I knew that an attack was going to be allowed to happen, I just might deliberately schedule one medical wargame exercise near the site to help reduce casualties – a silent protest. What if it becomes necessary to engage in a conspiracy to save human lives?

    We are being deliberately distracted. But from what?

    A flurry of recent stories tells me that planet earth has most likely already gone over Peak already and confirms my suspicions that true bits of chaos will start to emerge this fall and winter:. Airlines are running out of fuel; Russian production is falling; Norwegian and North Sea production are collapsing; Prices are soaring; Saudi is unable to keep its promises. This is a deluge of real bad news but there’s more.

    In addition, climate collapse stories are breaking in a torrent. The most serious of the last twenty-four hours was a report in The Guardian that Russian tundra (peat) is thawing out and starting to release “billions of tons” of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is twenty times more potent a greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide. That story acknowledges that earth has also gone past the climate-change “tipping point”. If today’s story was right, it’s a certainty. Oh yes, had the bombings not occurred that day the world’s top story would have been “Blair Breaks with Bush on Global Warming at G-8.”

    Global food production is declining as a result of both depleted soil and severe drought. Grain surpluses are disappearing even as the population continues to expand. Mother Earth is fighting back. Monsanto is trying to patent a pig and – oh joy – they’ve just broken the genome for rice so that it can now be patented and replaced with terminator seeds and all food production falls into just a few corporate hands. At the same time Warren Buffet and Halliburton can buy up all the electric utilities in the country and control the power supply to both people and government alike. That, my friends, is absolute tyranny.

    Is any of this starting to sink in yet? There is a plan to deal with Peak Oil. It was formulated without asking any of us. And it is being implemented right in front of our eyes.

    If there is a nuclear attack or any other such calamity in our immediate future it will only be because the powers that be will need that much of a distraction to keep you from seeing the much greater crisis that is really upon us. Heaven knows, if you actually understood Peak Oil and climate collapse you might actually get off your ass and do something serious, instead of sitting frozen like rabbits or deer in the headlights.

    Michael C. Ruppert
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    For those of us who cannot see into the future, we have to continue our efforts to minimize any future government sponsored attacks. I suppose we can wait until something happens and then sit around and complain about it, or we can do something about it now when we have the chance.

    Now if we get a large group of activists sending email to everyone in congress and the media, essentially 1000s of emails discussing our issues, then that is a good thing. Isn't that democracy? The body of the above email I posted discusses the similarities between the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, if this information is sent out to thousands of recipients, are we not spreading the word?

    If a valid point is being made regarding the multiple coincidences between 9/11 and 7/7, is the exercise of spreading this information a waste of time if no attacks occur? If we can rally the troops for a cause and get everyone on the same side, just once in a while, is that a bad thing?

    The fact is, no one knows whats coming, and if we are successful in sidelining some attacks, we will never know. Unfortunately if we are unsuccessful in preventing the next attack, we will definitely know.

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    I agree... it is important to continue posting any "Training Exercises" or "Wargames". You NEVER know, and it is important for us to keep oversite for our Government because they are not capable of doing it for themselves.

    I think some of what Ruppert said is fairly accurate. The Peak Oil/Environmental dangers we're facing, etc... I think his statement about Iran is fairly accurate. I don't believe we would attack Iran. I do still believe Israel is capable of doing so. They've done it in the past. I think if that happens, we would be forced to support their efforts.

    I think we are being distracted by a number of things. How often do you read about Hugo Chavez in our media? Hardly EVER. Yet, a lot is going on in regards to "foreign relations" between our two countries.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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