Iran slams US for human rights violations 2005-07-14 05:14:04

TEHRAN, July 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Iran on Wednesday accused the United States of extensive violation of human rights both inside and outside its territory, the official IRNA news agency reported.

"The United States is talking about violation of human rights in Iran, while the whole world is disgusted of extensive violation of human rights by Washington in the United States and around the world," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi was quoted as saying.

Asefi made the comments one day after Bush expressed regret over Tehran's detainment of an Iranian journalist, calling for his "immediate release."

"The US officials have experienced bitterly many times that their interferences in Iran's domestic affairs resulted in the Iranian nation's negative and decisive response," he said.

"The White House, while criticising Iran for violation of human rights, ignored the fact that the whole world is fed up with clear violations of such rights by US soldiers in detention centers at Guantanamo US Naval base, Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and wide ethnic discriminations and spoiling minorities rights inside the US," Asefi added. Enditem