Only Bush team benefits from bombings in London

Bia Winter

Cui bono? The Latin phrase for "Who benefits?" is the first question any good criminal lawyer will ask, and what we, as free-thinking American citizens, should be asking ourselves about the London bombings.

With public opinion turning decisively against the Iraq war and British Prime Minister Tony Blair already having announced withdrawal plans for British troops, why would al-Qaida want to stoke anew the fears and rhetoric that would justify continued occupation?

This security failure doesn't make Blair look good, either, so shortly before elections.

Clearly, it is only President Bush and company who benefit.

Distract us from the Downing Street memo, the scandals engulfing him, and Tom Delay, Karl Rove, etc.; re-justify war in the Middle East, push the Patriot Act and the police state further down our throats to stifle dissent, not to mention bolster his plummeting popularity through the familiar device of fear.

No, my very well-honed political instincts tell me it was probably another FBI or CIA operation, as I believe many of the bombings in Iraq that kill mostly Iraqi civilians and foment division have been.

Sadly, I've been right about my political instincts for more than 40 years now, mostly by going on the assumption that, if you can imagine it, they have already done it.

It's a very deep and ugly rabbit hole indeed, and we'll need a very bright light.