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Thread: U.S. Sheltering Terrorists, Says Iran

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    U.S. Sheltering Terrorists, Says Iran

    US sheltering terrorists, says Iran,00.html


    IRAN has blamed "terrorists" and Arab separatists sheltered by US troops in neighbouring Iraq for a series of deadly bomb blasts in its capital and the southwestern city of Ahvaz.

    A top national security official, Ali Agha Mohammadi, said an ethnic Arab separatist group had claimed responsibility for a quartet of bomb blasts in Ahvaz, which killed at least eight people and wounded 75.

    The attacks came just days before the Islamic republic's presidential election.

    "The terrorists of Ahvaz infiltrated Iran from the region of Basra (in southern Iraq)," Mr Mohammadi said.

    "These terrorists have been trained under the umbrella of the Americans in Iraq."

    He said Iran suspected British troops based across the border in southern Iraq might also have links to the group, but added: "We are not certain."

    Another bomb attack rocked a busy square in the capital, killing two people according to an updated toll given by the official IRNA news agency.

    Mr Mohammadi said: "We call on the Americans and the British to condemn these attacks and hand over the terrorists in Iraq. Sadly, they have so far not said anything."

    Iran's main armed opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, is also based across the border in Iraq.
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    everyone's a terrorist now... can we start referring to them all as soldiers now? it's starting to resemble the "concoring" of native americans..... only they were called heathens not terrorists...
    i forgot where i was going with these statements... i'm not a very smart person...

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