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Thread: David Suzuki Speech

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    David Suzuki Speech

    I went to a David Suzuki show last night. For those that don't know, David Suzuki is a highly respected Environmentalist in Canada. He has had a show on TV for quite a while called The Nature Of Things. His website is here:

    He came down to support a local group called Niagara Action For Animals, which I am a member of and have been for a long time:

    Niagara Action For Animals (NAfA) does a lot of things including protesting at circuses, Zoos, and Sea World type aquariums. The main aquarium we protest is called Marine Land which experiences a high rate of deaths of not only whales and dolphins, etc, but also other animals like Deer and Bear.

    Anyway, its a horrible place that we choose to protest against. Marineland has filed a lawsuit against NAfA because of our efforts. NAfA is entirely volunteer run, no one gets a paycheck, therefore in order to pay our bills we have to have fundraisers. Due to this lawsuit, we have even more of a need to have fundraisers. Everyone has the right to protest something they don't agree with and this is no exception. Marineland is trying to destroy our group.

    David Suzuki was willing to do a seminar for free to help us raise funds for lawyer fees.

    We had about 450 people at this seminar which was an incredible turnout. Mr Suzuki talked about the need to stop putting the economy ahead of the environment and instead put the environment first. We all know that without the environment, nothing else matters, but corporations hell bent on the bottom line don't care. We must all change our thinking if we intend on staying alive.

    He pulled no punches and stated to the audience that anyone of them who drove an SUV didn't give a shit about the air we breathe, which resulted in a standing ovation.

    He also suggested everyone take the Nature Challenge which offers simple suggestions on how we all can reduce emissions and save the environment. This can be found here:

    Most of these suggestions are common sense, one of which is not to eat meat at least one day a week. Anyone can find three suggestions on this list to follow.

    David Suzuki also mentioned how the Bush Administration is systematically destroying all the progress they have made in saving the environment. He sees Bush as a religious zealot who knows the end is near and is racing recklessly towards it. Bush has decided that we the world isn't worth saving and we should all be sacrificed. His fanatical beliefs are endangering us all.

    Finally, David Suzuki discussed Peak Oil, stating that while it will be good for the environment, it will be disastrous for man/womankind. He feels we will survive peak oil, but it will be a very difficult time for all of us. We need to work together now to make it. He suggests joining local environmental groups and doing anything to help out, contact local politicians to discuss these issues, and stop consuming so much.

    And finally, take the nature challenge. It is the first step.

    Please send this to anyone and everyone you care about.

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    And please sign up for the Nature Challenge, every signature helps:

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