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Thread: 9/11 Commission Co-Chair Lee Hamilton Drenched With Viewer Skepticism

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    9/11 Commission Co-Chair Lee Hamilton Drenched With Viewer Skepticism

    9/11 Commission Co-chair Lee Hamilton Drenched with Viewer Skepticism on C-SPAN

    - Challenges skeptics to bring their evidence forward

    On May 26 Hamilton appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal and found himself under constant call-in attack for different aspects of the 9/11 cover-up [See amazing 12-min RealVideo excerpt here]. He said charges by Griffin and others of government complicity were...pause..."extraordinary" and was careful to say the Commission had found "zero evidence that our government planned that attack." Although Hamilton clearly dodged most questions, he acknowledged the Report was imperfect and challenged skeptics to "come forward with their evidence and make their case in the public arena." Please join the C-SPAN letter-writing campaign below to urge Washington Journal to offer that arena to Griffin, Nafeez Ahmed, and other spokespeople for the truth.

    First call to action by
    "A civil letter writing and email campaign begun now could be effective in getting Griffin, Nafeez Ahmed and other critics of the 9/11 Commission on C-SPAN/Washington Journal by July 22, the first anniversary of the 9/11 Commission Report. Please take a moment and follow the inspiration of SF Attorney Rattner below by writing a letter or email of your own."

    Washington Journal email
    Fax number: 202-737-6226
    Snail mail: 400 North Capitol St, NW, Suite 650, DC 20001
    Please address all correspondence to Brian Lamb, C-SPAN CEO
    Dear CitizensWatch:
    Attached is a letter which I have written to C-Span's C.E.O., Brian Lamb, requesting more C-Span coverage of 911 Commission findings.

    Please join me in asking C-Span to cover objections to the 9/11 Commission Report by Dr. David Ray Griffin.

    Also, please circulate this suggestion to other interested groups and citizens. In my opinion, Dr. Griffin is an especially credible and persuasive person to begin generating broader public interest in and discussion of unresolved 911 issues. If C-Span covers Dr. Griffin, there might then be more public openness to and coverage of other authors and investigators on whom Dr. Griffin has relied.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ron Rattner

    C-Span Letter
    Re: Dr. David Ray Griffin: "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions"

    Dear Brian Lamb,

    Thank you, very much for C-Span and for your excellent and informative journalism thereon. C-Span has become for me, and for countless others, an indispensable part of our participation in the democratic process.

    On April 30 and May 7, '05, C-Span's Book TV aired a presentation on 9/11 given by Dr. David Ray Griffin at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. [See: blurb and video here.] I found the lecture extremely credible and very important, and am convinced that the issues raised by Dr. Griffin need to be part of our nation's democratic discussion.

    Yesterday, 5/26/05, during your Washington Journal interview of Lee Hamilton, several callers mentioned Dr. Griffin's Madison speech and confronted Mr. Hamilton with some of the issues raised by Dr. Griffin. One or two callers urged you to interview Dr. Griffin concerning the 911 Commission's findings. Although you apparently didn't know about Dr. Griffin or his book, you were open to learning of his contentions.

    Professor Griffin is a recently retired Christian theologian who had published over twenty religious/philosophical books before writing "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions". He had never been a political activist, and wrote these books out of moral compulsion, in the belief that his personal history and impeccable academic and publishing credentials would lend credibility to the issues being raised, and thereby bring them to the attention of the greater public. Apparently, that did not begin happening until C-Span aired the Madison lecture.

    Together with yesterday's callers, I urge you to include Dr. Griffin in future Washington Journal (or other) programming. As we near the first anniversary of the July 22, '04 publication of the 911 Commission's Report, it is important that we have serious public discussion of that report, which Mr. Hamilton yesterday characterized as a 'beginning' of such discussion.

    With thanks for your consideration of this request and for all you do in the public interest, I am

    Ron Rattner, retired attorney
    San Francisco
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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