Israelis Believe Their Government is Corrupt

(Angus Reid Global Scan) ā€“ Many adults in Israel think their elected officials are involved in illegal practices, according to a poll by Teleseker published in Maariv. 80 per cent of respondents think the Israeli government is corrupt.

In 2004, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was the subject of two separate corruption probes. The first focused on an illegal loan supposedly received by Sharon during his 1999 campaign to become leader of the Likud party, and the second dealt with a purported kickback scheme to promote a real estate project in Greece. Attorney general Meni Mazuz dropped the second case due to lack of evidence last June. 44 per cent of respondents believe Sharon is personally involved in corruption, while 38 per cent disagree.

Sharon has administered the Israeli government since March 2001. In the January 2003 general election, Likud received 29.4 per cent of the vote and elected 38 legislators to the Israeli Parliament. The next parliamentary ballot is tentatively scheduled for January 2007.

Polling Data

Do you think that the Israeli government is corrupt?

Yes 80%

No 15%

Is prime minister Ariel Sharon personally involved in corruption?

Yes 44%

No 38%

Source: Teleseker / Maariv
Methodology: Interviews to 492 Israeli adults, conducted from May 23 to May 26, 2005. No margin of error was provided.