It’s VERY Important To Get Documentation Released

Jon Gold

On 7/5/2022, I took it upon myself to contact 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman to ask him about Saudi Arabia and Karl Rove.

One of the questions I asked him was based off of information reported on by former NYTimes Reporter Phil Shenon that said when John Lehman asked Bush about Bandar and 9/11 he "dodged the questions."

The question was “by "dodging the questions" about Prince Bandar, Bush committed an obstruction of justice. Should he be held accountable for that crime?”

The answer to all 3 questions was that "Dr. Lehman has read the questions that you submitted and has responded to each of them with the answer, “No.” The questions are based on false information."

No? False information? I tried to contact Phil to get a response from him to no avail.

If you read the link provided about my correspondence with John Lehman, you'll see that through my own research, I was able to show that the chances Phil Shenon's report was accurate were good.

On 11/9/2022, Bush and Cheney’s Memoranda For The Record (MFR) from the 9/11 Commission was released because of the efforts of my friend, Erik Larson.

Now, because of the release of the MFR, we were able to see a description of John Lehman's discussion with Bush. It didn't appear that what was reported on by Shenon is what happened based on the MFR that was written by Philip Zelikow. “What had happened to the hard questions?” outraged survivors asked when the notes were released last week."

The Florida Bulldog reports "several years ago, Lehman had told the New York Times’s Shenon that he had asked such questions, including one about checks from the account of Prince Bandar’s wife winding up in the hands of one of the hijackers’ possible Saudi accomplices. The President, Lehman told Shenon, “had dodged the questions”.

Contacted by Florida Bulldog this week, Lehman confirmed what he had told Shenon."

We further learned that Bush "turned his back" to Lehman. "The fact that he did not answer my questions, but turned his back on me,” he wrote, "is something I shall never forget (except when people like me write to him about it)."

So you see, it was the release of the documentation and the resulting pressure from the families that got John Lehman to admit that the story was accurate. Showing that it's VERY important to get documentation released.