Did Dick Cheney Know 9/11 Was Coming?

Jon Gold

Just to get it out of the way, IF Dick Cheney was involved in ANY way with the 9/11 attacks then OBVIOUSLY he knew it was coming. Does that statement mean he did have a hand in the attacks? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I'm JUST putting it out there, ok? Ok. If someone thinks that idea is "crazy" in some way, and just putting it out there makes me "crazy," then all I have to say is he's a human being, capable of ANYTHING a human being is capable of doing. Also, let's not forget how creative people can be when they want to be.

Now that that's out of the way, we can get into what I really wanted to talk about. Did Dick Cheney know 9/11 was coming? Well, according to NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake, he broke the story on my show that Cheney had a "back channel" to the NSA, and that they were feeding him information. Not too long ago, Thomas Drake put forward the idea that the NSA was feeding Cheney information about the hijackers. It certainly would explain why the NSA lied about knowing of the two hijackers in San Diego.

It has been reported that some Pakistan Brass knew that 9/11 was coming. It has been reported that Pakistan attempted to bribe the 9/11 Commission. It was also reported that "Pakistan policy is essentially being run from Cheney's office." If true, then we have to question whether anyone from Pakistan passed information about 9/11 along to Cheney. It's a good thing these reports aren't figments of my imagination. It lends credibility to the idea that I'm not crazy.

Now let's talk about Prince Bandar, who apparently was the boss of one of the individuals that helped the two hijackers in San Diego. Who admits that Saudi Intelligence "was actively following the movements of most of the terrorists with precision." I wonder if the same help the 2 hijackers in San Diego received was received by "most of the terrorists." Anyway, I wonder that if Bandar was aware the attacks were coming, did he pass that information along to Dick Cheney? Here's one instance of Cheney passing along information to Prince Bandar. Fair's fair.

So, did he know? I wish I knew.