Caught In A Whopper, 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman Claims Phil Shenon Info Is "False Information"

Jon Gold

Because Prince Bandar has been in the news concerning 9/11, I took it upon myself to try and contact 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman through his law firm. Reason being, according to Phil Shenon, when Bush was asked about Bandar by John Lehman, he “dodged the questions.” Also, Prince Bandar refuses to testify in the 9/11 Families lawsuit against Saudi Arabia.

According to Phil Shenon, John Lehman made a comment about Karl Rove so I thought maybe he had some "insider information" concerning the allegations about Zelikow and Rove. According to Shenon, John Lehman says the following:

"Perhaps partly because of this, the Commission and its staff have “a sense of being watched” by Rove, and commissioner John Lehman will say that Rove views the Commission as a “mortal threat” to Bush’s reelection chances."

According to Ray McGinnis who just authored a new book called "Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored:"

"From page 55 from my book, Unanswered Questions: "Karl Rove was directly involved in consulting with Zelikow about the progress of the 9/11 Commission.

According to Republican 9/11 commissioner John Lehman, "Rove was the quarterback for dealing with the commission." (also from Shenon's book)

The following is the email correspondence I had with his firm. I am withholding the names of the individuals I spoke to.

Hi __________,

I am really interested in speaking to John Lehman about 9/11. Specifically pertaining to Saudi Arabia and Karl Rove. Any help you can give me on making this happen would be tremendously appreciated. I have worked with the 9/11 Family Members, including the Jersey Girls, and was instrumental in getting the 9/11 First Responders the healthcare they needed. Please do what you can.

Thank you,

Jon Gold

They surprisingly responded with:

Hi Jon,

Could you please email the specific questions you would like to ask Mr. Lehman? I can pass the email along to him.

Thank you,


Here are the questions I sent along. I tried to be as direct as possible. I'm sure others may have written different questions. I did my best:

1) By "dodging the questions" about Prince Bandar, Bush committed an obstruction of justice. Should he be held accountable for that crime?

2) Do you think that Karl Rove was the person pulling the strings of the 9/11 Commission through Philip Zelikow? News of this possibility prompted the "Jersey Girls" to call for an entirely new investigation into 9/11 in February 2008.

You can read about it here:

They were the only news outlet to report that "newsworthy" information sadly.

3) Do you think Philip Zelikow should be arrested for the part that he had to play in making sure the 9/11 Commission was corrupt and compromised?

Thank you SO MUCH for passing these questions along.

Sincerest Regards,

Jon Gold

Again, they surprisingly responded. This is what John Lehman had to say:

Dear Jon,

Dr. Lehman has read the questions that you submitted and has responded to each of them with the answer, “No.”

The questions are based on false information.



This was my final response to them:

Then Phil Shenon needs to be told about it because Bush "dodging the questions" about Bandar when John Lehman asked him came from him. As far as Zelikow's role in making sure the 9/11 Commission was corrupt and compromised, that is well documented by the 9/11 Families who were part of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee. Well documented. We're going to have to disagree as to whether or not that is "false information."

Thank you for your response. Now it becomes a "he said/she said" situation.

Jon Gold

I have reached out to Phil Shenon for a response to this. I am awaiting a response. If I get one, this will be updated accordingly:

(Awaiting Phil's Response)

This wouldn't be the first time someone denied the work of Phil Shenon.

UPDATE: I decided to send one more email to the law firm asking this question:

Just out of curiosity, does Dr. Lehman remember George Bush's answers to his questions about Bandar? They didn't make it into the 9/11 Report, and Bandar's MFR shows the 9/11 Commission didn't ask him anything about his connections to 9/11.

Thanks again,

Jon Gold

If they respond, I will update accordingly.

UPDATE - 7/8/2022

Personally, I think I'm leaning toward believing the reported statements of John Lehman. Could they all be wrong (Rove statements included)? We know how well documented the actions of Philip Zelikow are, even without Shenon's book. And I've confirmed many of the stories reported on by Shenon. I spoke with Dana Lesemann before she passed away. I spoke with Karen Heitkotter that took Rove's messages.

I realize my 3rd question meant that he would have to admit the Commission he was a part of was "corrupt and compromised," and would probably never do that. I was hoping for candor and honesty. I "reached for the stars" and got "No."

UDPATE - 7/8/2022

Sadly, I have not received a response from Phil. However, I did find this article from May 2016 written by Phil Shenon that is greatly about Dr. Lehman. In it, this allegation concerning Philip Zelikow and Dietrich Snell is brought up. The allegation concerning Dana Lesemann is brought up as well. Unfortunately, Dr. Lehman didn't comment on those allegations specifically in this article, however, it is obvious he supports further inquiry into the situation between Saudi Arabia and 9/11, and thinks "our report should never have been read as an exoneration of Saudi Arabia." I would think Dr. Lehman read this article. If he had any problems with the allegations within, I would think he would say something. He didn't. Further showing that Phil Shenon's reporting is for all intents and purposes, accurate.

I really started to think about the statement that the questions were based on "false information." Perhaps Dr. Lehman didn't see Bush's actions as an "obstruction of justice." Normally, I would look up the definition for the phrase but this time I'm not. If Bush did indeed "dodge" the questions about Bandar that means he didn't answer Dr. Lehman's questions, or gave non-answers. To the free thinking world, I think that's what "dodging the questions" means. During an investigation into the brutal mass murder of 2,977+ people, if you "dodge" ANY questions having to do with that investigation, you are committing an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Period. End of story.

Concerning Karl Rove, he first selected Henry Kissinger to be the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission. Then when Kissinger resigned, he selected Thomas Kean to be the Chairman. Karl Rove had A LOT to do with the 9/11 Commission. As I said, I spoke with Karen Heitkotter. I asked her to be a guest on my show "We Were Lied To About 9/11." I remember she was very withdrawn, and didn't really want to talk about it. I didn't push her on the subject, but she never told me it didn't happen. I have NO DOUBT that Karl Rove did his very best to make sure the 9/11 Commission DID NOT interfere with the election. As John Judge pointed out, the White House was GREATLY INVOLVED with the final report, and took part in "pre-vetting" the 9/11 Report. It is "jointly written" by the 9/11 Commission and the White House. Do you think it's possible Karl Rove was involved in that process? I have no proof of it, but it would NOT surprise me.

As for the last question being based on "false information," I am tired of the two tiered justice system in this country. Where the laws apply to some, and not to others. If Philip Zelikow took part in ANY of the allegations put forward by the 9/11 Family Members or Phil Shenon, then to me, he should be arrested. Think about what 9/11 was, and how many were affected. Think about how it was used. The supposed "definitive account of 9/11" should BE the DEFINITIVE ACCOUNT OF 9/11. The person most responsible for it not being that deserves to be held accountable. Period. End of story.

UPDATE - 7/10/2022

I sent the following email...

You should know that the following link is the end result of my correspondence with Dr. Lehman, as brief as it was. This site is my original site that was started in January 2005. I have not posted it elsewhere. I really wish there was an open dialogue between those who are calling for accountability from our Government regarding 9/11, and those who were in charge of investigating it.

Sincerest Regards,

Jon Gold

If there is a response, I will update this accordingly.

UPDATE - 7/15/2022

C'mon John Lehman, how many reports or statements like this do I have to find?

"9/11 Commission member John Lehman goes on to tell MSNBC that it was impossible not to go through Karl Rove when documents such as presidential daily briefings were needed. Many Commission members, he says, pressed the White House to provide more information and lift restrictions on a regular basis.

"We had to go through Karl Rove, and through [Attorney General Alberto] Gonzales and the other most senior members."

UDPATE - 11/16/2022

Bush and Cheney's Memoranda For The Record (MFR) clearly shows that Lehman took the lead in questioning Bush and Cheney about the Saudis. Lending further support to what Shenon wrote about.

If you read the MFR and the section about Lehman and Saudi Arabia, eventually, this happens out of left field...

"The President said, speaking off the top of his head, that it was important to give people access to the President. Analysts should know they can tell the President what they think. If there was a meeting at Camp David, they should bring out the experts. When people feel they have access to important officials, it makes them feel better about their job.

The government did need more HUMINT. You could work on the boxes, on communication, and on budgeting. But you needed more collection. The war could be won if we can get inside their tents."

By Bush quickly changing the subject, does that qualify as "dodging the questions?"

UPDATE - 11/19/2022

John Lehman
CONFIRMS again that Bush "dodged the questions" when asked about Bandar by Lehman. As reported on by Robbyn Swan here. Now we learn from John Lehman that not only did Bush "dodge" his questions about Bandar, but now he says that he also TURNED HIS BACK ON ME," and that it's "something I shall never forget.”