Prince Bandar Needs To Testify, Please Help

Jon Gold

For two decades, the 9/11 Family Members have been trying to sue the country of Saudi Arabia for the role certain individuals within that country had in 9/11.

I’ve written about it extensively. In this old article of mine, there’s a plethora of information about it. On my YouTube channel, there are SO MANY videos having to do with Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 Families. I did my best to post every video I could find about it in order to support the families. I’ve spoken to former Senator Bob Graham on the subject. I’ve spoken to Florida Bulldog Founder Dan Christensen on the subject. I’ve spoken to the founder of Brian McGlinchey about it.

The U.S. Government has done everything it can to protect Saudi Arabia against the 9/11 Families. Throughout the Bush, Obama (we finally managed to get him to release the 28 (29) Redacted Pages, but there were 3 pages still blank and still redactions throughout), Trump (he brought up Saudi Arabia’s role in the attacks, but then protected them during a disgusting press briefing) and Biden Administrations (though the Biden Administration has been releasing some information, and that is GREATLY due to the efforts of the 9/11 Families).

One name that keeps popping up is the former Ambassador to the United States and close personal friend to the Bush Family Prince Bandar. On the day the JICI was released, Nancy Pelosi said the classification of information had to do with protecting reputations. Prince Bandar's name showed up in the 28 (29) Redacted Pages from the JICI. That was probably a little embarrassing to the Bush Family (though that connection wasn't focused on by the corporate news for some reason). Bob Graham wrote that Bush "engaged in a protect not only the agencies that failed but also America’s relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...He has done so by misclassifying information on national security data. While the information MAY BE EMBARRASSING OR POLITICALLY DAMAGING (emphasis mine), its revelation would not damage national security." Former Senator Richard Shelby said things were "being kept secret for REASONS OTHER THAN NATIONAL SECURITY (emphasis mine)."

Personally, I think "embarrassment" or saving "reputations" is the LEAST of the concerns of the Bush Family and Administration, though I realize it is hard to digest for some.

Today, Bandar has refused to testify for the 9/11 Families.

No one has been held accountable for 9/11. Not even the "9/11 Five" that have been stored at Guantanamo Bay. I know having Prince Bandar testify is a "pipe dream" but you honestly never know until you try. I don't know about you, but I need some "pipe dreams." They're one of the few things that give me hope these days.

Right now, the 9/11 Families are trying to pressure Joe Biden into making 9/11 Accountability a top priority for his meeting in Saudi Arabia. I say pressuring the Kingdom to get Prince Bandar to testify for the 9/11 Families should also be a priority for Joe Biden. After all, when the 9/11 Commission met with Prince Bandar, they didn't bother to question him on his connections to 9/11.

“Information about all of those issues was undoubtedly in the hands of the Commission,” said Terry Strada of Families United, “and nothing at all about those issues is addressed in the released interview notes…When I learned I was going to see the Bandar interview for the first time, I immediately thought it would be pages and pages, and that the Ambassador would be grilled…” It makes no sense, she said, that it is so short.

I realize that many of you don't know who I am. I also realize I am seen by many as a "9/11 Truther." Recently, I asked someone for a testimonial. They wrote...

"A lot of people have lost track of the 9/11 issue over the years, but Jon Gold has doggedly stuck with trying to uncover the full truth. He's been a champion for the 9/11 Families, the 9/11 First Responders, he has committed civil disobedience for this cause, wrote a book, did a radio show, turned that radio show into another book, gave the makers of 9/11: Press For Truth the money they needed to finish that film that I was a part of, and more. He's worth listening to, and we need more people like him." - Paul Thompson, creator of "The Complete 9/11 Timeline," and author of "The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11--and America's Response"

I know some of you younger folk as well as some others have no idea who that is, but I am BEYOND honored by that. I tell people today not to have heroes because heroes are human beings and will always let you down. I tell people to have inspirations, but to do BETTER than your inspirations. That being said, Paul Thompson is a hero of mine as well as an inspiration. I save that word for very few people and he is definitely one of them. Hopefully that gives me some "street cred."

Please either call or write the White House, and tell the Biden Administration to make 9/11 Accountability a priority during his meeting in Saudi Arabia, and please also tell them to pressure the Kingdom to make Prince Bandar testify for the 9/11 Families.

You can also pressure the Kingdom directly by calling ((202) 342-3800) or writing the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. and tell them to cooperate with the 9/11 Families and to make Prince Bandar testify for them.

I realize there are other important things going on, but you must understand that the 9/11 Families and the people of the world have been waiting too long for any accountability for the murder of those 2,977+ people. So, all I ask is that you please do what you can in supporting the 9/11 Families that are seeking truth, accountability and justice, and also to pressure the Kingdom in making Prince Bandar testify.

Thank you for your time. Oh by the way, if this isn't a guilty man...