If There Was A House Un-American Activities Committee, How Would You Fair?

Jon Gold

I think that if there was a House Un-American Activities Committee, and I was brought forward to testify, I would look really bad.

I've questioned what we were told about the 9/11 attacks.

I've advocated for the release of 9/11 documentation.

I've spoken to reporters that wrote stories that questioned 9/11.

I've supported 9/11 Families in their efforts for truth, accountability and justice.

I've supported 9/11 First Responders that were seeking healthcare because they were lied to about the air and water quality down at Ground Zero.

I've fought against everything that has come about because of 9/11 that was bad, and advocated for and against other things that needed it...

Things like kangaroo courts, GITMO, the Autorization For Use Of Military Force (AUMF, which authorized everything done in the name of 9/11), warrantless wiretapping, torture, helping whistleblowers, bringing attention to rape in the military, bringing attention to the militarization of our police.

Bringing attention to things like JSOC, Blackwater, Cambridge Analytica, Monsanto, AIPAC, K Street, The Fellowship, Echelon, Halliburton, BP OIL (and the spill), the connection between the Pentagon/CIA/State Department (sometimes White House) and their influence over our corporate news.

The electoral college, posting information from opensecrets.org and opendebates.org (https://web.archive.org/web/20150317...endebates.org/), bringing attention to hackable voting machines, bringing attention to voter suppression, bringing attention to money laundering in our largest banks (sometimes from drug cartels).

Bringing attention to animal cruelty in the world, bringing attention to climate change/our environment, bringing attention to and participating in Occupy Wall Street, participating in PeaceoftheAction.org with Cindy and all civil disobedience taken part in, writing a book about my experiences advocating for 9/11 Justice as well as some of the questions I still have, doing a show where I interviewed 31 people about the lies of 9/11, wrote another book which is a series of transcripts for those shows which cost me $1000's to do, and I gave it away for free. Giving the money needed to complete "9/11: Press For Truth," taking part in "9/11 Truth Tuesdays" for months, being the emcee at the Treason In America Conference where both ABCNews and RussiaToday came to cover it (the differences in reporting was astounding).

Pointing out the bullshit of the "Benghazi Incident," "RussiaGate," "Birtherism," and the stupidity of "Anti-Jewry," "Anti-Muslim," "Anti-Black," "Anti-White," "ANY HATE" mindsets, bringing attention to the concepts of free healthcare, free education.

Advocating to stop any and all wars taking place, advocating for our military to be used for defensive purposes only, fighting against/bringing attention to the different NDAA's over the years, taking part in multiple interviews, writing several articles, making several informational videos.

Bringing attention to Gaza (and as many horrid things taking place there that I could), the United States relationships with different countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, the "influence" those countries have here and vice versa, things like NATO and how it should be shut down.

Advocating for the arrest of and jail time for many serving and having served in Washington D.C., either in the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the CIA, the DoD, and other alphabet agencies.

Bringing attention to capitalism by promoting the work of Michael Parenti and others, contacting my Representatives, contacting the media, taking part in marches, advocating for Black Lives Matter.

Pointed out how we've been trying to take over the world since 9/11 with our military escapades (in direct competition with Russia and China) in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, the Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Venezuela, Africa, the Stans, Georgia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere.

Brought attention to how this country tries to take over other countries either militarily or by coup or as John Perkins described, brought attention to the JFK Assassination, the history of the civil rights movement and the peace movements and the people from them who were assassinated (many of which by our own Government).

Pointing out that we have been pushing Putin's buttons for decades now and what's happening in the Ukraine is a direct result of that (gee, maybe I'm a "Putin Lover" I spoke out against "Russiagate" too). How we've supported Al-Qaeda before and after 9/11 in places like the Balkans, the Caucuses, Libya, and Syria, how we've supported Nazis in the Ukraine when it served our purposes (many thanks to the Pentagon for that).

The list goes on and on. I've been spied on by a company called ITRR. That was confirmed. They reported to the PA DHS.

Anyway, I don't think I'd fair too well if there was a House Un-American Activities Committee today. Thank goodness there isn't one! I dodged a bullet there (if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball, love that movie)! Whew!

How do you think you'd fair?