"The new Gestapo?"

This is a small archive of articles I have pertaining to the Department of Homeland Security which was created because of 9/11. Hopefully you can see how it's being used today in places like Portland, and how we have been told they are going to be used elsewhere.

Homeland Security poorly managed: audit - [Reuters, 12/29/2005]

KBR Awarded Homeland Security Contract Worth Up To $385M - [MarketWatch, 1/24/2006] - Take note in this thread... Gold9472: The new "Gestapo"?

Homeland Security Contracts For Vast New Detention Camps - [Peter Dale Scott, pacificnews.org, 1/31/2006]

CA Homeland Security Office Spied On Antiwar And Political Protesters - [latimes, 7/1/2006]

Homeland Security Chief Defends Real I.D. Plan - [CNetnews, 12/14/2006]

National Security And Homeland Security Presidential Directive - [whitehouse.gov, 5/9/2007]

New Homeland Security Plan Revealed - [kansascity, 10/10/2007]

"Homeland Security" Has Received $791 Billion Since 9/11 - [MSNBC, 3/2/2013]