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    Much like for Russia, I wanted to create an archive for people on China (that's from before he was elected) so they could see some of the history. These will go from 2005-2009. Here's an article from 2005 about both Russia and China warning about the U.S.'s attempt at "World Domination." Imagine that... It's important to note this all took place before the famous "pivot to Asia" from the Middle East. RIP Mike Ruppert who told us what the Endgame was.

    China Is Having A Severe Energy Crisis - [xinhuanet, 1/28/2005]

    China Warns Europe On Weapons - [AP, 3/22/2005]

    Taiwan To Rally Against China Law - [BBC, 3/26/2005]

    Japan And China: A US Strategic Outlook For The Next Two Minutes - [FTW, 4/7/2005]

    Does the Future Belong to China? - [MSNBC, 5/9/2005]

    China Said To Reject Plan To Cut Off N. Korea Oil - [Reuters, 5/7/2005]

    Flu Outbreak In China - More Than 10,000 People - [AP, 5/11/2005]

    China Slams US Textile Quotas, Threatens To Retaliate - [channelnewsasia, 5/15/2005]

    U.S. Issues Stern Warning Over China Yuan - [MSNBC, 5/17/2005]

    China In National Bird Flu Alert - [BBC, 5/22/2005]

    China Told By U.S. To Revalue Renminbi By 10% - [FT, 5/24/2005]

    Report: China Facing Coal Shortage - [Businessweek, 5/25/2005]

    Rumseld Warns China On Lack Of Democracy - [Reuters, 6/3/2005]

    U.S. Asks China To Re-Examine Tianamen Square Incidents - [deccanherald, 6/5/2005]

    China Buildup Puts Military Balance In Region At Risk, Says Rumsfeld - [Forbes, 6/5/2005]

    China Slams U.S. Accusation Of Arms Build-Up Threat - [Reuters, 6/7/2005]

    Many In U.S., Canada View China As A Threat - [WaPo, 6/11/2005]

    Russia, China Join Against U.S. "Star Wars" - [UPI, 6/17/2005]

    Israel Apologizes To U.S. Over China Arms Sale - [Reuters, 6/19/2005]

    Poll: In Wake Of Iraq War, Allies Prefer China To U.S. - [CNN, 6/23/2005]

    New Hurdle For China's Unocal Bid - [BBC, 7/1/2005]

    China to America, "The Cold War is Over" - [dailytimes, 7/3/2005]

    Russia To Help China Oust The U.S.A. From Eurasia - [Pravda, 7/2/2005] (Russia!)

    China Ready To Boost Ties With Iran, President Hu - [, 7/6/2005]

    China General Threatens U.S., With Nukes, Over Taiwan - [TimesOnline, 7/15/2005]

    China's Bid For North American Oil Raises U.S. Concerns Over Energy, Security - [, 7/17/2005]

    China Dismisses U.S. Concerns On Military Rise - [Reuters 7/20/2005]

    China Mystery Illness Kills Nine - [BBC, 7/24/2005]

    U.S. - Israel Crisis Deepens Over Defense Exports To China - [Haaretz, 7/27/2005]

    India, China Will Rule The World: U.S. Expert - [expressindia, 7/30/2005]

    China And Russia Joint Exercises To Strengthen Ties - [FT, 8/2/2005]

    China Bans Media From Covering Outbreak - [AP, 7/31/2005]

    China Charges Hong Kong Reporter As Spy - [BBC, 8/5/2005]

    New China-Russia Alliance Aimed At The U.S., Says China Expert - [Forbes, 8/4/2005]

    Venezuela Signs Arms Deal With China - [sbpost, 6/8/2005]

    U.S., China Entering New Cold War - [taipeitimes, 8/13/2005]

    Iran, China Discuss Defense Cooperation - [tehrantimes, 8/18/2005]

    Russia, China Kick Off Military Exercises - [Guardian, 8/18/2005]

    U.S. Man Held On China Spy Charge - [BBC, 8/19/2005]

    Venezuela State Oil Company To Open First Asia Office In China - [AP, 8/20/2005]

    China And India: A Rage For Oil - [businessweek, 8/25/2005]

    China Lashes Out At U.S. Over Textiles - [WaPo, 8/31/2005]

    China Warns U.S. Against Missile Help For Taiwan - [Reuters, 9/1/2005]

    U.S. Warns China On Iran Oil - [finanialexpress, 9/7/2005]

    Venezuela And China Advance In Strategic Economic Alliance - [vheadline, 9/15/2005]

    China Seeks Way To Counter U.S. - [taipeitimes, 9/15/2005]

    China Set To Overtake America As World's Top Exporter - [TimesOnline, 9/17/2005]

    China Makes Offer To U.S., North Korea - [Boston, 9/17/2005]

    Why China's Not Backing Bush On Iran - [Time, 9/15/2005]

    China Protests At Warship Attack - [BBC, 9/23/2005]

    War Plans Set Tokyo At Odds With China - [chinadaily, 9/30/2005]

    U.S. And China Starting Trade Talks - [BBC, 10/16/2005]

    China Offers Nuclear Assurance To Rumsfeld - [ABCNews, 10/19/2005]

    Chavez Says He May Send U.S.-Made Fighter Jets To Cuba, China - [VOANews, 11/2/2005]

    Bush Meets Dalai Lama, Ignoring China's Objections - [Reuters, 11/9/2005]

    Russians Held In China Spy Probe - [BBC, 11/14/2005]

    Bush Forces His "Faith" On China - [myrtlebeachonline, 11/19/2005]

    A Day Of Tense Encounters Between China And Washington - [NYTimes, 11/20/2005]

    Massive Quake Hits Eastern China - [Aljazeera, 11/26/2005]

    U.S. Underestimates Threat Of Nuclear War With China: Wei - [hindustantimes, 9/2/2005]

    China Condemns U.S. Comments About Hong Kong - [Reuters, 12/23/2005]

    China And The Final War For Resources - [FTW, 11/9/2005]

    Russia And China Refuse To Send Iran To U.N. Security Council - [AP, 1/16/2006]

    China Losing Confidence In The Dollar - [WaPo, 1/9/2006]

    China Severs Its Currency's Link To The U.S. Dollar - [AP, 7/21/2005]

    If China Shuns Dollar, Look Out U.S. Bonds - [FTW/Bloomberg, 1/28/2005]

    Pengaton Sees China As Greatest Potential Rival - [FT, 2/3/2006]

    China's Energy Insecurity And Iran's Crisis - [atimes, 2/8/2006]

    China, Iran On The Brink Of Huge Oil Deal - [economictimes, 2/18/2006]

    China Opposed To U.S.-India Nuke Deal - [, 3/4/2006]

    China Denounces U.S. Rights "Hypocrisy" - [AlJazeera, 3/9/2006]

    Condi Warns China Could Become A "Negative Force" In The Asia-Pacific Region - [, 3/12/2006]

    China Blasts U.S. Over Trade Protectionism - [theglobeandmail, 3/23/2006]

    China To Send Envoy To Iran, Urges Restraint - [Reuters, 4/13/2006]

    China, Russia Welcome Iran Into The Fold - [atimes, 4/18/2006]

    China Tests New Levitation Train - [, 5/2/2006]

    China: Curbing Iran's Nuclear Plan Means War - [AP, 5/9/2006]

    China To U.S.: Stop Selling Taiwan Advanced Weapons - [AP, 5/11/2006]

    Rumsfeld Says Russia, China Policies Worrying - [WaPo, 3/11/2006]

    Moscow, China Won't Back Force Vs. Iran - [Guardian, 5/16/2006]

    China Opposes U.S. Report On Military Power - [xinhuanet, 5/25/2006]

    Iran Praises Russia, China For Opposing Sanctions - [AP, 5/30/2006]

    China Fury At U.S. "Cold War" Policy - [Telegraph, 5/31/2006]

    China Warns North Korea Not To Fire Missile - [AP, 6/22/2006]

    China Central Bank Sees Booming Economy - [AP, 6/26/2006]

    U.S. Faults China On Germ Weapons, Iran, North Korea - [WaPo, 9/14/2006]

    Bush Signs Sanctions Bill Against Iran's Partners Targeting Russia, China - [mosnews, 1/10/2006]

    China Losing Patience With North Korea - [Forbes, 10/10/2006]

    U.S. Condemns China "Space Weapon" - [BBC, 1/18/2007]

    Gates Urges China To Explain "Altering The Military Balance In The Region" - [Rawstory, 3/31/2007]

    China Warns Of Countermeasures If U.S. Congress Passes Trade Bill - [AFP, 6/12/2007]

    U.S. Military Prepared For "Worst" With China: Official - [AFP, 6/13/2007]

    China Slams Bush's "Cold War Thinking" In Anti-Communism Speech - [monstersandcritics, 6/15/2007]

    U.S. To China: We Will Win The Cyberwars - [TimesOnline, 6/14/2007]

    China Calls U.S. Blocking Of Its Seafood Imports Indiscriminate And Unacceptable - [AP, 6/29/2007]

    U.S. Concerns Over China Weapons In Iraq - [FT, 7/6/2007]

    China Threatens "Nuclear Option" Of Dollar Sales - [Telegraph, 8/8/2007]

    Bush: China Dollar Attack Would Be "Foolhardy" - [AFP, 8/9/2007]

    End Part I
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Part II

    Russia-China War Games Send Message To U.S. - [Guardian, 8/17/2007]

    U.S. Spy Chief: China And Russia Spying At Cold War Levels - [AFP, 9/19/2007]

    Bush Throws Down Gauntlet To China With Dalai Lama Meeting - [AFP, 10/10/2007]

    China Summons U.S. Envoy Over Dalai Lama Award - [Reuters, 10/18/2007]

    China Opposes Sanctions Against Iran - [AP, 10/30/2007]

    U.S. Talks Tough On Iran, Warns China - [AFP, 11/16/2007]

    China's Spying Called A Threat By U.S. Panel - [Boston, 11/16/2007]

    China Cautions About New Iran Sanctions - [AP, 11/21/2007]

    U.S. Lodges Formal Protest With China - [LATimes, 11/29/2007]

    U.S. Warships Pass Through Taiwan Strait After China Rejects Port Call - [allheadlinenews, 11/29/2007]

    U.S. - China Talks Take An Acrimonious Turn - [AP, 12/12/2007]

    China Buys Wall Street - [Forbes, 12/27/2007] - [Reuters, 3/4/2008]

    China Condemns Pentagon's "Cold War Thinking" - [MSNBC, 3/4/2008]

    Russia, China Block U.N. Resolution On Iran - [LATimes, 4/28/2008]

    The U.S. And China Are Over A Barrel - [LATimes, 4/28/2008]

    China Cancels Military Contacts With U.S. In Protest - [AP, 10/6/2008]

    China's Top Banker Proposes New World Currency - [Rawstory, 3/23/2009]

    Brazil, China Team Up Against The Dollar - [Rawstory, 5/19/2009]

    Ex-Pentagon Official Indicted In China Spy Case - [AFP, 6/12/2009]

    "China's Central Bank Reiterated A Call For A Worldwide Currency" - [Bloomberg, 6/26/2009]

    Dollar Falls Most In Month As China Urges New Reserve Currency - [Bloomberg, 6/27/2009]

    Obama Told China: I Can't Stop Israel Strike On Iran Indefinitely - [Haaretz, 12/21/2009]

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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