Anti-Russian Sentiment Has Grown Exponentially Since 9/11

If you read the news long enough, you start to see REAL trends. You may have heard me say that anti-Russian sentiment since 9/11 has grown exponentially. This is NOT meant to help Trump. This is about the bullshit and unproven claim that "Putin ordered hackers to hack the DNC and give that information to Wikileaks."

When the fall of the Soviet Union happened, we promised Russia that NATO would not move an inch eastward.

I want to remind people of a few things.

Bush said he would remove us from the Anti-Ballistic Treaty during his campaign for President.

Putin told Bush in July 2001 that treaties like that one are important to maintain.

The U.S. withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Treaty with Russia after 9/11.

Russia was fearful of the U.S. moving into the "Stans."

Russia apparently gave us a warning before 9/11.

Russia donated the "Teardrop Memorial" to us in 2006.

The following is just some of what has gone on since early 2005 until early 2009. This isn't everything, but it should give you a good idea about anti-Russian sentiment. Be sure to watch this video I made, this video, and read this report. I believe the story of the "Russian Hack" came out before the date I cited in the first video, but remember, Clinton first blamed Comey for the loss. Then Russia started to take some blame. Read this report on Flynn's indictment. I highly recommend going to, and type in Russia, and/or Putin to see greater context.

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