Recently, I've communicated with Kyle Hence of about the idea of creating a downloadable pamphlet. He asked me to get started on it, and I'm asking you for help.

Here is the basic idea of what the pamphlet should be about. The pamphlet should focus on unity within the movement, as well as attract the newcomer. Something that can be given out at the upcoming rallies scheduled.

For now, I'm calling it the "Unification Pamphlet". I think it is important for this pamphlet to talk about our goal of absolute truth, and absolute accountability. It should talk about focusing on that goal. It should talk about how arguing within the movement doesn't help the movement (maybe mention that even though some of the other evidence is extremely convincing, it doesn't help our cause to talk about things that can't be proven). I think there should be some confident, convincing statements, or backed up facts that would make someone new go "hmmmm...?" Facts that it seems we all agree on.

I'm looking for any and all ideas. Thanks.