Republicans In The Senate, You Are Scum

Jon Gold

For years, I have been one of the biggest advocates for the 9/11 First Responders that are sick and dying as a result of the toxins down at Ground Zero. I am not capable of turning my back on them. It is literally a "no-brainer" for me.

On 7/21/2007, I was awarded the title of "Honorary Director" from the FealGood Foundation because of my efforts to raise money for them. As the title of the video says, that was the greatest moment of my life.

Helping heroes is a good thing.

On 9/30/2010, H.R. 847, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act passed in the House. Now, the bill is in the Senate.

Today, the NYDailyNews reported on the efforts of a 9/11 First Responder by the name of T.J. Gilmartin. I am going to let his words speak for themselves:
"I couldn't get to see McCain at all. I went to his office four times, and it was all like 'you need an appointment.'

"They gave me an email address of some guy.

"I thought I could talk to him. I mean, he's a real hero, not like us. We're just little half heroes.

"Our country took care of him when he came back. He was a POW. I respect that.

"I wasn't stalking him or anything, but then I saw him in a hallway going to an elevator near the rotunda.

"It was a floor up from where they have the badges.

"I stepped in front of him, and I was very respectful. I told him who I was and I asked for his help on the Zadroga bill.

"It lasted maybe 10 or 15 seconds.

"He said 'Thank you for your service.'

"And 'I can't help you.'

"Then, bang, he stepped around me and onto the elevator.

"If his eyes were daggers, I'd be dead. They'd all be in my heart.

"John McCain was pathetic. I would have thought more of him
Indeed. You would think it would also be a "no brainer" for the Republicans. After all, it was an administration from their party that deliberately lied about the air quality down at Ground Zero in an effort to reopen Wall Street. Because to the prior administration, money was more important than people.

Unfortunately, it's not a "no brainer" to them. Like the prior administration, money is more important than people. As was also reported today by the NYDailyNews, "Enzi, John McCain and other Senate Republicans don't want to close the tax loophole for foreign corporations to pay for the benefits.

To John McCain, Mike Enzi, and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate giving the heroes of 9/11 a hard time, I have this to say...

You are scum.