Rumor Has It That H.R. 847 Is Being Reintroduced This Month. CALL YOUR REPS!!!

John Feal just posted the following on Facebook:
"Rumor has it HR 847 is getting reintroduced into the senate this month. Now getting it through both the House & Senate will be a task, but the lives it will save and the pain it will ease on heroes is a no brainer. Lets go elected officials and pass HR 847"
I recently obtained a letter from my Rep. stating that he plans to support H.R. 847.

Please write to your Reps, and tell them that you want them to vote for H.R. 847.

You can find your Rep here.

I can't tell you how important this is. John mentioned yesterday that two 9/11 heroes died this week. One from cancer, and one from suicide.

Please do what you can.