Conspirators cannot alter the laws of physics so what can really happen in a collapse?

The WTC towers were destroyed 70 years after the Empire State Building was completed.

Design and construction

The Empire State Building was designed by Gregory Johnson and his architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, which produced the building drawings in just two weeks, using its earlier designs, for the Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a basis. The building was actually designed from the top down

That top down design makes a lot of sense. The building MUST support its own weight through its entire height. So design a few levels, figure out how much they weigh and then you know how strong the next few levels must be, all of the way down the building. After all, what kind of computers did they have in 1929?

The NIST NCSTAR1 report says the south tower was deflected by 12 inches at the 70th floor by the impact of the plane even though that was 130 feet below the impact point. The building then oscillated for FOUR MINUTES. How much of the kinetic energy of the plane went into causing that oscillation? How can that be computed without knowing the distribution of mass, especially steel and concrete. So why don't we have the info on the quantity of STEEL and CONCRETE on every level of the towers after SEVEN YEARS? Why hasn't the so called Truth Movement been after the engineering schools about that information? Why isn't Richard Gage and AE911Truth making a big deal about it?

The kinetic energy of the plane had two effects, it punched a hole in the building doing structural damage, and it caused the building to oscillate. One of the survivors said the floor started moving like a wave. But how can the structural damage even be approximated without separating out the energy that shook the building from what did the damage and how can that be done without distribution of mass? All engineering students should understand something this obvious even if they don't know how to do the calculations.

The distribution of mass is also relevant to computing the conservation of momentum effects in the collapse and the supposed potential energy that people want to claim explains the pulverization of concrete.

All of the engineering schools should have been screaming for this data for years and the Truth Movement should have noticed their silence.

This whole thing is a farce without such simple to understand and obviously important information. The designers had to figure this out just to estimate the construction costs before people would even make the decision to finance the construction. Who puts up $300,000,000 for a guess? The NCSTAR1 report does not even tell us the total for the concrete.

So why should we think the top 15 stories of the north tower could come straight down destroying everything below without knowing the TONS of STEEL and TONS of CONCRETE on every level all of the way down. And if we had the data on 110 levels why leave out the 6 basements? We don't even know the tons of steel in the impact zone that the fire supposedly weakened. That quantity would be relevant in analyzing conduction.