Some Clarity From 9/11 First Responder John Feal

(Gold9472: Over the last several months, certain "inconsequential people" have been bothering, and harassing John Feal because of his associations with this movement. They have pushed him to the point of saying things he doesn't necessarily mean. I have asked John for this clarification so there is no confusion as to where he stands.)

To the 9/11 Truth Movement:

Let me start by saying thank you for the years of support, compassion and dedication for the 9/11 responders you have helped. With that being said, you have heard me say "I am not a truther," and I'm not. However, that does not mean I do not support the truth movement. To be a truther, I would have to be involved and committed 100% like I am in running my foundation which helps yesterday's heroes.

I have seen your cause grow immensely and you have gathered an army of great Americans who now share your beliefs. That deserves a big congratulations. I, however, have my reservations at this time to share my views any more then I already have. But, if you look at my track record, in interviews with Luke or Dylan, you will see my subtle hints. So yes, I strongly believe, as Jon Gold says, that elements within our government and the current administration are suspects for the crime of 9/11. Did they lie? Oh yes, I believe that 100%. There are sick and dying men and woman to prove that. My energies are focused and spent on aiding these brave souls.

We all seek the truth, and we all seek what is best for this country. However, we take different paths in searching and fighting for that common goal. I have publicly called out many elected officials on my terms, and have marched to my own beat. I have earned that right to do so. I lost half a foot, and spent 11 weeks in a hospital bed. So, they way I go about bringing out the truth, or disseminating information may not be the way others do, or the way you wish I did. But I will continue to do so, like you all continue to go about your course of actions.

Whether we agree or disagree, that is totally irrelevant. As with any relationship, we must learn that we will not all agree on everything, and in order for that relationship too last, we must learn that the closest thing to a perfect relationship, even with our disagreements, is to respect one another.

John Feal
Founder & President of the FealGood Foundation
Injured 9/11 responder
Kidney donor
Above And Beyond Citizen Honors recipient from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society