A Message From 9/11 First Responder John Feal

Friends, Supporters and concerned Americans:

Many of you have supported the Fealgood Foundation & the 9/11 responders that have become ill from their heroic actions at Ground Zero while working underneath that toxic cloud that has taken away their ability to fend for themselves and their families. Moreso than ever, these brave men and women need our help. I know many of you are feeling the effects of a slumping economy that has no bright future. I know many of you are angered at our current administration, and I know since 9/11/01 we have all fought for truth, justice and that yesterday's heroes will not be forgotten. I implore you all to help out these unfortunate souls who have been denied and neglected by our City, State and Federal Governments. These amazing individuals can not even put food on their tables, put gas in their cars, let alone pay their rents or mortgages. Whether it is a $1, $10, or $100.00, it would help greatly these sickened heroes. In the past I have been humbled by your support and generosity. Now, as Americans that take care of their own while the Government sits idle, I ask for your help one more time in this time of need. You can visit our web site at fealgoodfoundation.com and through paypal, use a credit card or send a check. Together, let's show this government how we treat our heroes.


John Feal
Founder & President of the FGF
Injured 9/11 responder
Kidney donor
Above And Beyond Citizen Honors recipient from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society