Terrorist attack would help McCain: adviser



A senior adviser to Presidential candidate John McCain says a second wave of terrorist attacks on US soil would assist his campaign.

John McCain is the Republican nominee-in-waiting and will go head to head against Democratic nominee Barack Obama in November.

An adviser to McCain, Charlie Black, told Fortune Magazine that another terrorist attack, like that of September 11, would assist McCain's campaign.

"Certainly, it would be a big advantage to him," he said.

Black said that terrorist activities would put McCain's foreign experience front and centre of the Presidential campaign.

It follows tactics used previously by the Republican party, in which fear is utilised in mobilising support for election campaigns.

Current US President George W. Bush has long been accused of the same tactic.

The adviser also said that the assassination of Pakistani Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto had "helped us".

John McCain was quick to distance himself from the interview, saying he had no idea why the comments were made.

"I cannot imagine why he would say it," McCain said. "It's not true, I've worked tirelessly since 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack on the United States of America."

Terrorism and the war were widely credited as winning George W. Bush a second term in office.