The New England 9/11 Truth Symposium From My Perspective

By Jon Gold

Welp, I'm home. I'm exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. The ride up was 7 hours, and was in the pouring, and blinding rain (so was half of the ride home). Bob (McIlvaine) drove, and it made the time of the drive (both there and back) fly. He's got a great sense of humor. I can see that Bob is getting tired. That this is taking its toll on him. I want him to know that I thank him for his sacrifice. For his time, and for his heart. Bobby would be proud. This is not easy on any of the family members. Sometimes I wonder if we're asking too much from them. It pains me greatly to see their anguish, and their pain.

Thank you to the organizers of the event for putting me up in the Best Western, and thank you to the people of Best Western for your excellent hospitality. It was a great room. On Friday night, I fell asleep watching "Beverly Hills Cop 3", and last night I fell asleep watching "Striking Distance". Unfortunately, it was a strange bed, and I couldn't really sleep.

Yesterday's event was great. The end.

Heh... just kidding...

Yesterday's event was a very illuminating, very special event. It was nice to see Kyle Hence make a surprise visit. I don't get to see him very often.

We started at 9:30 with Bob. He gave what everyone expected from him, and more. His tears, his heart, and his mind. Thank you Bob.

Unfortunately, I lost the schedule, and don't remember the order of speakers.

Michele (Little) was absolutely fantastic, and heartbreaking at the same time. She loves to read beautiful poems. She did so in the beginning, and at the end of her speech. During her presentation, she showed two clips. One was from 9/11/2007 at Ground Zero with her, and her daughters at the "Reflective Pool". We saw so many people putting flowers down in remembrance of their loved ones. The flowers were provided by 1-800-Flowers. It breaks your heart. I don't know how anyone can watch that, and not cry. Then, Michele showed us a picture. It was absolutely infuriating. Apparently, after all of the family members were done laying down their flowers, some time later, construction workers gathered up all of them, and hauled them away in trucks. ON THE SAME DAY!!! That is absolutely heartless. Michele started to cry, and that made cry even more. She showed us some footage of what's called the "Family Room". So many pictures of lost loved ones. So very very sad. The other clip was from Penny Little's "9/11: Dust & Deceit". Penny was also the one to film Michele's family at the "Reflective Pool". She is not related. I love you Michele. You are a good friend, and I loved seeing you again. David would be proud.

Barrie gave a great speech. I can tell that he works so hard on his speeches. In fact, one of the pictures shown here is of him working on it. Thank you Barrie for your dedication to this cause.

Sander was EXTREMELY passionate. He spoke about Dr. Graham, and his investigation into his death. He got so "passionate" during his speech, he started jumping up and down to "release" some of that "passion".

I am SO angry (thanks Mike Jackman) that I didn't get to see all of Michael Springmann's speech. I caught the tail end of it. I did get to ask him if there was evidence that the Consulate office in Jeddah was still operating under the same protocols at the time of 9/11 that were taking place during his stint at that office, and he said yes. Thanks Michael for making yourself available for this conference.

Daniel Hopsicker is an excellent speaker. This was the first opportunity that I've had to see him speak, and he did very well. I got to spend some time with him at "The Pub", and he seems like a nice guy. A little "opinionated" maybe (aren't we all), but a nice guy.

My speech went ok. I didn't really "prepare" a speech because I think I do better without one. For a long time, I couldn't think of an idea for something to talk about. Then, Mike Jackman asked me for this so Justin could prepare for his questioning of Dana Perino. I have been asking this question to people lately, "Why would the President and his administration, of all people, not want to investigate how and why 9/11 happened so as to make sure it could never happen again?" I think it's a very simple question to get people thinking. So, it occurred to me that maybe I should talk about what it is this Administration did to hinder an investigation. Afterwards, I was supposed to mention that in the Post-9/11 World we are encouraged to report "suspicious activity" because you never know where a terrorist might be lurking", and ask the people of the audience for a cellphone. If their actions don't qualify as "suspicious activity", I don't know what does. The cellphone was for me to report that "suspicious activity", and that I think there may be terrorists in the White House. Unfortunately, I forgot that last part until I was almost off the stage. I ran back to the mic to tell my "joke". People still liked it. In the beginning of my speech, I mentioned the anger, and frustration we go through as we go down the "rabbit hole", and I asked people to remember those feelings for the end of my speech. At the end, I reminded everyone that whatever emotions we feel pale in comparison to what the people that lost someone that day feel, that they deserve better, and to remember that we speak for the 2,973+ people that died that day, because they no longer can, and to put forward the best possible message when speaking to people.

During my speech, I said that the 9/11 Commission used "signing statements" instead of subpoenas. What I meant to say was "document requests". Sorry about that. That was when I was "winging it".

I didn't get to see Korey premiere the new movie he's working on because I was being interviewed for another movie.

The panel was great. We talked about the "controlled media", and several other things. I'll wait for you to see it. I don't want to spoil anything.

Thank you to everyone that organized this event, and everyone that participated in it. I hope someday there will be a time when we don't have to do this anymore. Thank you for allowing me to participate. It was a pleasure.