San Diego 9/11 Truth Activism On 3/22/2008

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On March 22, 2008, over 80 people from across San Diego County gathered downtown to perform a demonstration known as a "Die-In." We came in white T-shirt's and upon arrival had the number "15,703" printed on our chests. This number illustrates the number of deaths from the war each of us individually represented.

After being numbered, we proceeded to walk to the NBC Studio downtown. Here, one by one, we "died" on the sidewalks. After dying, several people drew chalk outlines of our bodies on the ground. I read off a list of war statistics and talked about 9/11 truth. Several building supervisors from the NBC building came out and asked us to leave, however they had no such success. We pointed them in the direction of the San Diego Police Department who we had met with earlier in the day. A couple news teams also showed up to shoot some footage of this great demonstration.

We were happy to have a few people strolling by join us and lay on the ground to show their support for ending the war. We had well over 100 people stop as they were walking by to witness what was happening before them; taking photos and snapping cell phone pics to send to their friends and family. After about 20-25 minutes of a sidewalk covered in bodies, and disturbing war stats being announced, we ended our demonstration.
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