Philly 9/11 Truth And WeAreChange Confront Larry Silverstein

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A while back I tried to find the name of the Fire Department Commander Larry Silverstein referred to. Kevin Fenton told me it might be Daniel Nigro. I called him on the phone, and here's what I wrote back then...
"Well I just talked to Daniel Nigro. He was put in charge of the fire department that morning after Peter Ganci was killed. He was at WTC7 at the time of collapse, and does not believe it was Controlled Demolition. However, he says he did not talk to Larry Silverstein that day, and doesn't know who did. He is now retired."

You would think it wouldn't be hard to find out the name of the individual he was referring to. I also found this snippet...

"In the afternoon of September 11, the Fire Department informed him that the smaller 7 World Trade Center building, which he owned, was going to collapse."