MSNBC hosts mock Sep. 11 conspiracy theorists; 'I hope we have special prison' for them

(Gold9472: Let's not forget our friend Bill O'Reilly.)

David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Tuesday March 4, 2008

An MSNBC morning crew groaned and fumed at 9/11 conspiracy theorists after reporting on an earlier story involving a protester arrested at an appearance by former president Bill Clinton on Monday.

On-air staff of 'Morning Joe,' hosted by Joe Scarborough, aired footage of the arrest and immediately shouted over the reporter presenting the story, who also had his own scathing comments to add.

Willie Geist reported the Clinton incident as follows: "President Clinton was campaigning for his wife in Corpus Christi, Texas, yesterday when an idiot started waving a sign that claimed 9/11 was an inside job. Wah, wah, shut up."

Geist's associates, including Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, jeered aloud as the video showed the screaming man being removed by security. "What's Rosie O'Donnell doing in Corpus Christi?" shouted Scarborough.

Continued Geist, "As Clinton was working the crowd after the speech, the man got close to the former president and started yelling at him. You don't do that, y'see, 'cause that's when the Secret Service steps in." Scarborough quipped aloud, "Where's the taser? Tase him, bro!"

"The man led away in handcuffs," Geist wrapped, "and hopefully taken to one of those secret prisons in eastern Europe, never to be heard from again. We can only hope."

As Scarborough plead, "Please leave Bill Clinton alone," Geist added, "I hope we have a special prison for 9/11 conspiracy theorists. They deserve to be together."

Critics and particularly disruptive protesters of the generally accepted facts of September 11's terrorist attacks have often come under fire by mainstream media figures, dismissed as crackpots or troublemakers. Last October, 'Real Time' host Bill Maher became agitated when 9/11 protesters interrupted his show before being escorted off the set by security.

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