Flu outbreak in China



HONG KONG: More than 10,000 people, mostly children, have been suffereing from flu symptoms during an outbreak in southern China during the weeklong Labor Day holiday according to media reports.

The victims had symptoms including runny noses, cough and fever.

More than half of the 10,000 people who contracted the virus were children, the report said, adding that a hospital in the city of Shenzhen had to set up temporary beds to accommodate nearly 700 children admitted daily during last week's holiday.

A man surnamed Shen who answered the phone at Shenzhen's health department said he didn't have information on the outbreak.

Asian countries are vigilant about flu outbreaks amid warnings that bird flu could mutate and become easily transmissible among humans, sparking a pandemic that could kill millions.

Bird flu has killed 52 people in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia since it began ravaging poultry farms across Asia in late 2003, but there have been no signs of human-to-human trans
mission so far.