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Thread: Happy New Year

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    simuvac Guest

    Happy New Year

    "My whole life, I don't know what this song means..."

    I have only one wish for 2008: Just gimme some truth.

    Cheers, everyone.

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    Jan 2005
    Happy New Year.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    beltman713 Guest
    Happy New Year! (Now it really is the new year)

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Happy new years all.

    Not much going on here, Bravery is performing on tv, To Catch A Predator is running a marathon. Had a nice tiramisu dessert.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Happy New Years everyone. I slept through the ball. This holiday is for our drunken youth.

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    Chana3812 Guest
    yeah, it's amateur night out

    I stayed home with my daughter and watched Tila Tequila

    drank champagne

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    beltman713 Guest
    My wife told me happy new years last night about 11:50PM. I told her it wasn't new years yet, my balls haven't dropped.

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