Announcing 9/11 Truth Tuesdays In January And February At The Anthony Wayne Movie Theater

A little over a month ago, Betsy Metz came to me with the idea of showing 9/11 Truth movies over an extended period of time at a movie theater. I loved the idea so much, that for the past 3 Saturday's, I've gone out with Betsy to try and "prepare" the neighborhood for 9/11 Truth. You can watch each of our outings here:

December 1st, 2007
December 8th, 2007
December 15th, 2007

We've been working with 9/11 Family Members, and prominent 9/11 activists in the hopes that they would be able to join us on some of these days to take Q&A from the audience. All of the proceeds will be given to the FealGood Foundation to help the sick and dying 9/11 First Responders.

Because of the power behind 9/11: Press For Truth, we have decided to make that movie the most prominently featured film to be shown on every Tuesday at 7pm.

Other films will be shown at 5pm, but they are all tentative. As of right now, this is the flyer we're handing out to people in Wayne, PA.

PDF (900KB)

I'm sorry to say that this whole effort can still fall apart. We have yet to receive a contract, however, we have received several verbal agreements, and are currently working alongside the manager of the theater, and she seems to love what we're doing.

Please help us to get the word out. What we're trying to do is unprecedented in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Never before has a 9/11 Truth Movie, especially 9/11: Press For Truth, been shown consecutively for an extended period of time. Never before has a 9/11 Truth Movie been featured prominently on a movie theater marquis for an extended period of time. This effort has an absolutely amazing potential.

Thank you to Betsy for everything you do, and everything you continue to do. Please help us to make the potential for this effort flourish. Thank you.