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Thread: Good God, what's next?

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    AuGmENTor Guest

    Good God, what's next?

    (AuGmENTor: I guess when they invent a gun you can record your neighbors thoughts with, they'll loan THAT out too...)

    Volunteer radar gunslingers nail speeders

    By Joanne Bratton

    Speeders beware. Your neighbors might have you on their radar. That's the message police departments across the country are trying to send by loaning residents radar guns and turning them into neighborhood speed watchers.

    Volunteers can't ticket the drivers they catch breaking the speed limit, but their reports can result in warning letters being sent by police, depending on how fast the drivers were going.

    Police say the program is worth it if it can make even a few motorists obey speed limits. "It's one more element of enforcing speed," says Lt. Daniel Furseth of the DeForest Police Department in Wisconsin.

    For the past year, the village has allowed residents to borrow a battery-operated radar gun for a week or two, sit on their front lawns and record the speeds of passing motorists.

    Typically, a warning letter is sent when speeds are 13 mph over the limit, but it depends on the residential area, Furseth says.

    The police department has sent out a couple dozen warning letters, he says. "One parent called and was glad we sent a letter," Furseth says. "But it's not always the kids (who are speeding) — it's the soccer moms, too."


    •Residents in Loveland, Ohio, are invited to sign up in teams of two or three to use the Stalker II, a hand-held, battery-operated radar gun.

    •In the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Ill., residents affiliated with homeowners associations use the radar guns. "Some people seemed surprised. Some took notice and slowed down," says Bob Fischer, director of the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation. "Others were angry that we were interfering with their inherent right to get to the train station — or back home — as quickly as possible."

    •In Shawnee, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City, police allow residents to use radar guns on residential streets that are posted 25 mph or less, police Sgt. Doug Orbin says. The volunteer must stay in his or her vehicle while using the radar gun, he says.

    •This week, the police department in The Dalles, Ore., started taking names of interested citizens who want to be neighborhood speed watchers.

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    dMole Guest

    Time to experiment?

    So if I wound some bifilar and/or moebius coils and experimented with some parabolic reflectors (kind of like scalar p-wave DirecTV in reverse), how long do you think it would be before the FCC and FBI paid me a visit for "harassing" my fascist radar-happy neighbors with "dangerous" technology?

    EMP cuts both ways honey...

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Any way you could make it so when they "clock" someone their face melts off? Or maybe something a bit less gruesome?

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    dMole Guest

    Science "fiction?"

    When nearly-always-unqualified people start "debunking" NLT and HERF weapons, I usually challenge them- "Go put your head in your microwave and block the door interlocks- put your kitten in there-- I dare you."

    No one has yet, and please don't PETA/ASPCA flame me- I only put a housefly in the microwave, and it flew in of its own volition! I didn't necessarily need to push "2:00, HIGH POWER, START", but it was mildly interesting in a scientific sort of way...

    AuG, I've also been meaning to send you "down under" for a while- some pretty cool pictures are at:

    Weird science... why don't people understand?... Weird science...

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    "2:00, HIGH POWER, START",
    Did it screw up the MW? My son turned mine on with nothing in it for like five minutes and burned it up. I now have to make sure there's a bowl of water in it at all times.

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    dMole Guest

    Nope Mikey liked it

    The microwave was fine, but I couldn't find a single trace of what used to be a big fat, buzzy fly. Then I had to scrub the inside of the damn thing with bleach solution (still used MW for food afterward).

    I've been advised to make sure that a scalar coil always contains a glass of water or a quartz crystal to "structure" the scalar waves into a more "biologically compatible" form FWIW...

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