Secret Service shot at car of agent said protecting Ahmadinejad

Published: Monday October 8, 2007

The US Secret Service is investigating why one of its agents shot at the car of an agent said to be protecting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren confirmed that the agency's internal affairs unit had been tasked to probe why an agent engaged in an "accidental discharge" into the floor of the man said protecting Ahmadinejad, according to ABC News' The Blotter.

"The spokesman would not confirm the type of gun used to shoot the automobile," ABC's Justin Rood reports. "The car was parked in a "staging area," Zahren said. He noted that there were no "principals" near the site of the shooting -- security-speak for the individuals under Secret Service protection."

Two security officials told the network that the agent was protecting Ahmadinejad.

In April, the network reported on another "accidental shooting."

Two agents were shot after the accidental discharge of a firearm -- one shot in the leg, another suffering shrapnel wounds to the face. At the time, President Bush was attending the Virginia Tech convocation ceremony.