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I'm asking again WHERE are these people? Why haven't they come forward and agreed to be interviewed on camera. I just can't believe all these people are being threatened or paid off by the government. As far as "facts" are concerned IF they are facts it should be no problem PROVING them should it. I have an open mind but it is still a mind. What about the Popular Mechanics article?
I new to the possibility that 9/11 was a put-up job but I'm not going to believe 'his friend was there and he told my sister who told me' arguements. From what I read on this forum that seems to be the main source of 'the truth'. That doesn't cut it for me.
The PM article was taken apart right in this forum. You strike me as a dick, sir. You post in the wrong thread about a topic NO ONE here was debating in the first place. Straighten it out, or I'll make good on Jons threat.