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Thread: Something Big Soon?

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    Dble T Guest

    Something Big Soon?

    This guy is a brother-in-law of a very good friend of mine. He served in the Army and tried to get in as a Ranger but never quite made it. However, in the years of training with them he made quite a few friends and I would like to share with you what he is telling my good friend (his brother-in-law). It doesn't show up in the email conversation below but this email started after I wrote to him that I believed something big is going to happen within the next sixty days. Don't want to worry anybody but if the Rangers think something big is going to happen then well, that is probably worth listening to.

    Dble T
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    Sent: Monday, August 14, 2006 12:10 PM
    Subject: Re: Cave Living
    I haven't spoken with him directly, so this is double hearsay, but the word is many of his buddies are preparing for something big--in the belief it is imminently near.

    Whatever it is, it has got him spooked. He has bought filters to filter water, gas masks, surgical masks, blankets, batteries and stuff to make his own bullets and shells. He is pestering Alley to find out whether we have stocked up yet.

    Alley is now spooked enough from talking to him that she wants to invest in solar panels for our house as well as other equipment so that we can drink from our well.

    But, unless we are getting nuked or dirty bombs are let loose, I can't see rural and suburban areas being exposed to a high risk. So, I am not sure what to make of this and I am not quite ready abandon home and head for the hills.

    On 8/14/06, Dble T wrote:
    What are his Ranger buddies saying exactly, or inexactly for that matter?

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    Subject: Cave Living

    You are not alone in thinking that there will be a big event in the next 60 days or so.

    He is convinced, partially from the feedback he is getting from his Ranger buddies, that something big is going to happen soon.

    So, he has started to horde canned goods, seeds, water and artillery. In addition he is scoping out caves to hunker down in while the shit is underway--caves always have water, are cool in the summer and relatively warm in the winter.

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    Chana3812 Guest
    damn - that is scary shit

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Not sure why he needs to store canned foods and artillery. Thanks for sharing though.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PhilosophyGenius
    Not sure why he needs to store canned foods and artillery. Thanks for sharing though.

    So he can eat, DUH. I'm afraid I may have done a bit too little a bit too late. I have thousands of rounds of ammo, from buying it on sale over the years. Not much in the way of food, but with ammo, it should balance out... I have all sorts of survival stuff. But who wants to live in the woods? And I have a question. If this causes an economic collapse, do you get evicted? I mean, if EVERYONE is broke, do you still have to pay rent?

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    beltman713 Guest
    The thing is, if the Democrats get control of the senate and house, in November, the Bush administration knows that they are finished. So I figure they will do something between, now and then, to prevent that from happening.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Well, it aint gonna be a nuclear attack and the army wont be rounding people out of there homes.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    So then what? I will be the first to admit that I am just too plain old dumb to even guess whats coming next. I just know that I feel it. Magine how stupid we'll all feel if nothing at all happens.

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    werther Guest
    I don't mean to belittle anybody but....
    my girlfriends ex-boyfriend was/is a Ranger and he doesn't know shit!!

    Now granted I am probably a littled biased given the situation but ummm
    why would a Ranger be so informed?

    edit: Moreover, I am not in the freaking army yet I feel that something is brewing along with most of the damn world. I too have been stocking up on food and water/ not bullets though but I think I will start.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    not bullets though but I think I will start.
    Think arrows man. Bullets are nice, but a dead giveaway of position, and in the world that's coming, that may be a bad idea. Arrows are reusable, and silent. If you live in a state where crossbows are leagal, if you care about those things, I'd suggest one of those. (FYI with crossbows, they're called bolts, not arrows) They have a slower rate of fire, but no matter what happens this is not gonna go down ala Bruce Wilis. No American citizens are gonna be jumpin out of the bushes (no pun) pumping round after smoking round into the new world enemy forces. Try it and you'll die in seconds. This will be more like the 1st American Revolution. Hiding and defending. You may still have time to take an archery lesson or two (wink wink). I really hope all this seems silly this time next year, and that we're not all shitting in a ditch whispering, "Remember the internet, and warm showers?" No one ever answered my question about the rent thing....

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    werther Guest
    -no doubt, hopefully this shit is hysterical. Better be safe than sorry, I was never much of a outdoorsy survival guy so I just ordered this book . If you have any other suggestions speak up brother!

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