Bill Maher: 9/11 Truthers need professional help, not publicity

(Gold9472: Isn't it amazing? What one thing does he attack us with? Do you think there's a reason for that? Is it because it's EASY to make us look like fools with the mention of Controlled Demolition? YES, it is. The "movement" had better grow up, and grow up fast. Does the "movement" want the truth about whether or not Controlled Demolition took place at the towers and WTC7, or does the "movement" want the truth about what happened on 9/11, and hold ANYONE AND EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE, accountable? Repeating the same mistakes, and expecting different results is the definition for insanity.)

Mike Aivaz
Published: Saturday September 15, 2007

Bill Maher takes a jab at the 9/11 Truth movement in a recent "New Rules" segment.

"Crazy people who still think the government brought down the Twin Towers in a controlled explosion have to stop pretending that I'm the one who's being naive," says Maher.

How big a lunatic do you have to be to watch two giant airliners packed with jet fuel slam into buildings on live TV, igniting a massive inferno that burned for two hours, and then think 'Well, if you believe that was the cause...'

Stop asking me to raise this ridiculous topic on the show and start asking your doctor if Paxil is right for you."

The following video is from HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, broadcast on September 14, 2007:

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