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Thread: The Colbert Report On Wiretapping - Video Inside

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    The Colbert Report On Wiretapping - Video Inside

    Colbert: With the Dark Side legalized, how can we do the unthinkable to win?

    David Edwards and Muriel Kane
    Published: Wednesday August 8, 2007

    "Legalizing warrantless surveillance is actually a dangerous step backwards," complained Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's Colbert Report, pointing out that "just five days after 9/11, the Vice President Cheney told us what it would take to win the war on terror, explaining, 'We have to work the dark side, if you will. Spend time in the shadows...'"

    "You do whatever it takes," said Colbert. "You go beyond what's legal. You go past what's acceptable. But thanks to this new law, all that dark side is now allowed. And we know doing what's allowed is not enough."

    "We are illuminating more and more of the dark side every day," Colbert continued. "It is getting harder and harder to find those things that we as Americans theoretically cannot bring ourselves to do. ... What's left that's beyond the pale? ... We shouldn't be even able to conceive of the actions necessary to win this conflict."

    "I'm calling on you the heroes to imagine scenes of physical depravity and shocking illegality," he concluded. "Quickly. Before Congress legalizes them. "

    The following video is from Comedy Central's Colbert Report, broadcast on August 7.

    Video At Source
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    Did you see the other video on the source page? ABout the missing 12bn that was sent in 100$ bills to Iraq? And how it went largely unaccounted for?

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