Deception: The dangerous politics of the left and right

Written by Mike Green
Published August 02, 2007

When Congress wanted to know who disclosed the identity of former CIA agent Valerie Plame, an aide to the vice president (I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby) obstructed the investigation and was convicted and sentenced. The president responded by commuting his sentence.

Congress still wants to know who fired eight prosecuting attorneys. This time Congress wants a conversation with Bush advisors Karl Rove and J. Scott Jennings. Bush doesn't want Rove to talk. He also didn't want former White House counsel Harriet Miers to talk either — so she ignored a congressional subpoena.

White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten also ignored a subpoena — and both Miers and Bolten may be cited for contempt. But, the Justice Department has already stated it will not prosecute either one. So, it is likely Rove and Jennings will follow the pattern set by Miers and Bolten in defying the authority of the legislative branch.

Congress, the media and ordinary American citizens have petitioned the executive branch for access to hidden data relating to 9/11. The CIA and Pentagon still doesn't want anyone to see what's in its video and report data on 9/11. Senator Ron Wyden, and others who have inquired — including a host of media — have all been denied access.

Senator Hillary Clinton wanted to know more about the Pentagon's contingency plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The Undersecretary of Defense sent Hillary a letter on July 16, 2007 stating her request "reinforces enemy propaganda."

The next day (July 17, 2007) the president signed an Executive Order that gave authority to the Secretary of Defense (State and Treasury secretaries also) to "block property of certain persons who threaten stabilization efforts in Iraq." This order specifically targets American citizens. Hillary made a public statement expressing her own discontent. The Secretary of Defense got involved in the public dispute and not much has been said since.

Thus far, we have seen time and again where Congress and the executive branch have butted heads. And in each instance, the executive branch has won. There are many more confrontations than the ones above that could be cited as examples of the executive branch claiming extraordinary privileges while Congress complains and does nothing.

But those examples merely show one side of the picture of a Republican leadership that does what it wants, when it wants and how it wants. The Democrats, on the other hand, seem to do little more than whine about what the leaders in the White House, and the GOP, are doing to undermine America.

Even as a Republican — and a conservative one to boot — I can clearly see the legitimate points made by Democratic leaders. But, there is yet another point to be made. And you won't hear it from the Democrats.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the power to declare war ... and to end it. No Democrat has sought to exercise that authority even as its party leadership bitterly complains about the manner in which the president and his administration have run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and international laws as well.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the ability to impeach and remove executive leaders who have misled the American people into an illegal, illicit, unjust and immoral war. The cost of the war in lives and money is incalculable. The number of lies and deliberate deception is, however, well documented.

Additionally, Congress has the ability to seek its own independent investigation into whether the U.S. truly was attacked by rogue terrorists on 9/11 or if there was some complicit involvement by the executive branch. If it turns out to be as one former national security adviser testified before a senate committee earlier this year, the people could discover that our own government created the horrific scenes we witnessed that day. Numerous questions still remain and millions of citizens have constantly called for a real investigation.

Congress — in particular the whining Democrats opposing the leadership in the White House — have ignored the cries of the people.

Inherent in the power of Congress is the ability to impeach the vice president. Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill to impeach the vice president — warning that if the president was impeached first, Dick Cheney would simply move up. But if Cheney is impeached, then Congress can impeach the president immediately thereafter, causing a monumental shift in leadership.

It is not only a strategy that is good for America and our troops in the Middle East, but the Democratic Party as well. Still, it is going nowhere. It is as if the political enemies of the republican administration might also be serving as his ally against the American people.

Kucinich's bill, H. Res. 333, has 14 co-signers and is currently stuck in the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Civil Rights icon, John Conyers.

Conyers, who claimed to be on the side of impeachment a year ago, is ironically the sole authority preventing the impeachment bill from heading to the floor of the House for a full vote. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, indicated on the same day the bill was introduced that it would never see the light of day.

Two powerful Democrats decry the abuses of power of the White House, while simultaneously suppressing the opportunity for the people's representatives to vote on impeaching the executive branch leadership they whine about.

Congress could immediately call an end to the war in Iraq and demand the withdrawal of all troops from the Middle East. The president is merely the Commander-in-Chief, not the dictator. He doesn't even have sole authority to declare war. That license is reserved for Congress. Yet, Congress refuses to exercise its power. It merely complains.

Congress could refuse to fund the war. That would force the president to withdraw his troops. He could, of course, require them to remain where they are and place them in jeopardy without needed materiel reinforcements and supplies. But Congress could also remove the president and vice president and then remove the troops.

Instead, Congress, which presumably represents the people, is comprised of quite a deceptive group of underlings serving the executive branch.

While all eyes and polls are on the president, the prissy Pelosi and the cunning Clinton in Congress are standing on the sidelines cheering as the façade of political enmity with Bush maintains the attention of the American people.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans represent the will of the American people, which poll after poll indicates overwhelmingly that we want an immediate withdrawal from the Middle East, come what may.

Additionally, we want a real, honest, thorough investigation of 9/11 by an independent authority with zero connections to the White House. Such an investigation ought to include the many legitimate scholars and experts (which include military, aviators, air traffic controllers, special ops, ex-CIA, etc) across the country who bring to the table a feast of evidence to be considered along with a veritable flood of questions that remain unanswered to this day.

America is at a critical juncture. As we approach a presidential election year, we have seen the executive branch speed up its efforts to solidify a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have seen the sabers rattling, targeting both Iran and Pakistan. We have seen the augmentation and expansion of presidential authority and executive privilege. We have seen the new creations of authority, including the latest National Continuity Coordinator.

We are now witnessing ongoing nationwide experiments, such as "Operation Noble Resolve," that are supposed to ensure our safety in the case of a major terrorist attack.

America has been warned of a potential "false flag" operation to be conducted on our soil by our government in order to garner support for an attack on Iran. That warning came from Zbigniew Brzezinski in a testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 1, 2007. Millions of Americans are convinced that 9/11 was just such an event, ushering in unprecedented support for unilateral executive authority to abuse our military.

Today, we see the signs of two parties operating as two pockets of the same pair of political pants, walking all over the constitution and the will of the American people. We don't have much time left. A staged "terrorist" attack on this nation just prior to the election would create an immediate condition of martial law.

The National Continuity Coordinator's "Plan" (due on Bush's desk this month) would go into effect nationwide. Congress would be required to collaborate with the president under a definitive chain of command that filters down through the states to county and local government officials.

Anyone who objects or is branded an obstructionist will be subjected to the enforcement of the executive order issued on July 17, 2007, in which all property of that person will be confiscated.

The Continuity of Operations (COOP) will go into effect in order to ensure the Continuity of Government (COG). All the principles of the "Plan" created by the NCC will be overseen by the Office of Homeland Security.

And if you think this scenario being described cannot happen, perhaps you may wish to turn the channel you are watching. I am merely fast-forwarding the tape. The event is already underway. Congressman Peter DeFazio, who sought to inquire more about National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), which outlines the Continuity of Government, was rebuffed.

DeFazio, a sitting member of the House Committee on Homeland Security was told his request for information on the subsets of NSPD 51 was denied. He followed up with a letter signed by fellow high-ranking congressional members, who asked for access or a reason why access was denied. I suspect they will receive the latter.

To date, no response has been received from the White House regarding the request made by House Homeland Security Chairman Bernie Thompson, Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Chris Carney and DeFazio himself.

DeFazio, who has served in Congress more than 20 years, is now so baffled by the current circumstances in which he finds himself that he admitted on July 20, 2007 the following statement:

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right."

Thanks Congressman Defazio for listening to the people. Perhaps now you will take further action with your colleagues to defuse the coming explosion of power in the executive branch? After all, Kucinich is going to need some help dragging Conyers and Pelosi off their dead derrieres and pulling their hands from covering their eyes and ears. Perhaps you may wish to get Senator Hillary Clinton to join your team? And I hear Congressman Ron Paul might be the only Republican option in all of Congress.

It looks like the American people will have a chance if DeFazio is serious. We shall see. If he joins Kucinich and begins to make a public plea for more signers to H. Res. 333, it will force Conyers and Pelosi to open the doors of democracy and allow a vote.

I don't hold any hope for Hillary, however. She would be a powerful voice. But, as we have recently witnessed, she was slapped down by a Pentagon underling. And despite the power she wields and the presidential connections she has, she has sat down and shut up ... just as she was told.

So, it appears as though the American people may have to place desperate hope in a few honest individuals and pray they will forcefully impose the will of the people over the will of their colleagues. Otherwise, the alternative scenario is quite grim.

Mike Green is a Christian conservative, 12-year military veteran. He is a former talk radio host, public speaker, award-winning columnist and the Content Editor for a daily newspaper in Southern Oregon. Mike is also the author of two books: The WHOLE Truth About the U.S. War on Terror: Answers to Every Question You Never Knew to Ask and The Perfect Method for Finding the Perfect Man.