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Thread: Does Anyone Have Any Questions?

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Hello mikej, welcome to the board. The people who tie 911 to the Iraq war are people who watch the mainstream news for their information. President Bush recently gave a speech where he made a refrence to 911 in the same sentence as Iraq. A repoter called him on it, and asked, "what does 911 have to do with Iraq?" There was a long pause, after which GW said, "Nothing" and moved right on to the next topic, without acknowleging the statement he had just made. No one finds it odd that be basically publicly ADMITS that 911 has nothing to do with Iraq. Suff these posts and you will find that speech, as well as about a million other things that will show you just how fulla shit these people are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikej
    helloi'm tryin gto work out why people tie 911 to the iraq war so closely. I don't see the supposed war on terror being linked to US foreign policy Iraq, Iran etc. they'd have same intentions for these countries anyway, 911 may be referenced as one reason but its not presented is the new driving force behind US foreign policy is it?
    so what am i missing?
    [from uk]
    Bush says 9/11 drives US policy

    (Gold9472: Then I can't think of any reason why we shouldn't re-investigate 9/11. U.S. Policy is destabilizing the planet.)

    (Vienna, Austria-AP) June 21, 2006 - President Bush says Europeans who blast US foreign policy should put themselves in America's shoes.

    He took questions in Austria Wednesday about the unpopular Iraq war, confrontation with Iran, North Korea and the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

    A reporter asked about a poll from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press that found Europeans see the US involvement in Iraq as more of a danger than Iran's nuclear program. Bush dismissed that idea as "absurd," saying the US is an open democracy and a threat to no one.

    Bush says 9/11 changed America. He says European critics of the US might see the attacks as a "moment," but that he feels the attacks required a fundamental change in US foreign policy.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Apollyon Guest

    Like wading through mud wearing treakle pants...

    In one NIST report it claims:

    Normal building fires and hydrocarbon (e.g., jet fuel) fires generate temperatures up to about 1,100 degrees Celsius

    However their own reports suggest that steel from the impact zone could not have been above 250C (400C at central core). []

    Why can't experts in the same company even decide on the truth?

    The strength of steel at 1100C is 10% of room temperature and at 250C it is over 90% of its original strength.

    They also claim in the same document (Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster) that thermite can't heat steel to 700C whereas a short jaunt over to wikipedia reveals that it can reach temperatures of 2519C in seconds.

    Just who do they think they are? What is going on? Who are we supposed to trust? Why aren’t we allowed to swear in these forums? I have been struggling with this all night and I have reached the end of my tether. The whole sordid affair is beginning to tick me off. These guys are supposed to be the top 200 structural engineers in there field. They have had years to come up with a plausible story. Millions have been spent, thousands of pages produced. Why can’t they give me a straight yes or no.

    I guess my question is: is it conceivable, in a month of Sundays, each falling on a blue moon; that the impact, coupled with the fire, could have brought down both towers in the way we saw?

    *exhausted and slightly out of breath* cheers.

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    bgiltner Guest
    Mark R. V. Southern

    Does anyone know the circumstances around his death?

    Looks like he had the Middle East language knowledge that the bin Laden videos and other propaganda was fraud.

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    Casey Guest
    I truly believe that 9/11 had to have been an inside job, because it just doesn't add way. Yet people in this country for the most part, seem to believe it DID happen just as our government said it did. And if you try to speak to most people about the absurdity of it all, people think you're nuts. But oh well, I'd rather know the truth...

    I have tons of questions but a few of them are:

    Why does al Queda and/or the Saudis allow us to blame them for 9/11?
    What happened to all the people on the planes?
    If Barbara Olsen did not call her husband from the plane, why would Ted Olsen lie about that? Was he involved?
    What about all the other alleged calls home? Were they fake?
    Are the news channels involved in this coverup?
    What would happen if a huge majority of people in our country began to openly criticize our government for lying about 9/11? What would our government do?

    And that's just some of my questions.

    Thank you in advance.

    Keep up the good fight.

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