Guide to Jon Gold's 9/11 (Un)Truthing Script


I'm sure for those who have observed Jon Gold's tired shtick going back to the days of the Howard Stern Message Board and the various other boards up through the recent controlled demolition of Apartment 911B, and now on this forum, the script that Gold follows is pretty obvious by now. It's a pretty consistent script over the years, I have to say. So, for guiding people who are new to Jon's schtick, and for laughs for those who are all too familiar with Mr. Gold, here 'tis:

1) Attempt to divert people away from the evidence that most strongly supports MIHOP, ESPECIALLY any evidence that implicates Mossad/Zionist involvement, while exagerating about and going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the Al Queda/Patsystan/LIHOP "evidence".

1A) WTC Controlled Demolition and Pentagon No Boeing evidence and any evidence that disproves that muslim hijackers were onboard the planes must be rejected or downplayed at all times. Shut down those who attempt to bring up this evidence. Those who discuss this evidence are to be accused of being agents, and/or of being divisive. If any of this type of MIHOP evidence becomes too universally accepted within the movement, such as what has happened with the WTC CD in the last few years, forget that he used to reject it, accuse anyone of being a liar who points out that Jon used to reject it, but still attempt to downplay it (see Jon's "This is Not the Controlled Demolition Movement" post last month on Apartment 911B).

1B) "Contribute to the movement" (and make a name for yourself) by doing such things as writing letters to and dialoguing with the family members asking questions about Patsystan in order to keep them focased on Patsystan. If anybody disagrees with this naked attempt to contain the inquiry and keep influencial and well respected people, such as the family members, from looking in the direction of Israel/Zionists, accuse such dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members, and/or being divisive, and or asking them "what have you contributed to the movement?"

1C) Don't allow any discussion of evidence that points to Israel/Zionists being behind 9/11. Accuse anybody who tries to discuss this evidence of being anti-semites, and/or of being divisive

2) How to deal with criticism of this script and arguments used against people who continue challenging Jon's tactics:

2A) Accuse dissenters of being agents
2B) Accuse those who disagree with and criticize Jon's tactics of lying
2C) Play the sympathy card - paint the disagreements and criticisms in terms of people unfairly attacking/victimizing Jon or orchestrating a vendetta
2D) Accuse people of keeping Jon from FINDING THE TRUTH, and keep repeating that he is "only attempting to FIND THE TRUTH"
2E) Accuse them of lying again
2F) Question the dissenter's motivations
2G) Claim that the dissenter only posts comments that attack good hard-working truthers such as Jon whether true or not (mostly not)
2H) Claim that the dissenter does not contribute anything to the truth movement whether true or not (mostly not)
2I) Name drop - Jon knows everybody who's anybody in the 9/11 truth movement
2J) Accuse them of lying again
2K) Attack the blatent disinfo types, such as the WTC No-Planers/Hologram types in order to show that Jon Himself couldn't possibly be disinfo agent
2L) Claim that Jon has contributed more blog posts than anybody else in the movement, and therefore is worth more than any other truther to the movement (pretending that only quantity, not quality, counts - i.e. disregarding the negative value that should be ascribed to contributions that serve to misdirect/distract people away from the true perpetrators of 9/ many posts about the alleged 100,000 wire transfer from Patsystan to Mohammed Atta reported in the Times of India do we really need?)
2M) Accuse the dissenters of dividing the movement (of course, Jon's divisive behavior must not ever be considered divisive)
2N) Accuse the dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members
2O) Claim that the dissenter needs to grow up
Jon Gold wrote:
Grow up casseia. Either grow up, or find a new outlet that appreciates your kind of "work."

2P) Demand that the dissenter "STOP LYING ABOUT ME"
2Q) If all else fails, support censorship, and when possible ban people who hurt Jon's feelings (or refuse to go along with the script)

Well, Jon, you set yourself up for this. Yes, I know, I'm just lying about you and I'm really just an agent who only attacks you and keeps you from doing your hard work of finding the truth...