The only things not officially linked to terrorism at this point are sex and breathing. I'd also like to point out the most popular phrase of 2007, followed closely by 'inspired by Al Qaeda,' is 'mounting concerns.' Anyway, here goes:

"There are also mounting concerns about where these cars are heading, according to a recent report in the Boston Globe. A small number of cars swiped off American streets are sold overseas by criminal networks and end up in the hands of Iraqi insurgents, who are using them as car bombs, according to the FBI.

The FBI has declined to pinpoint how many stolen U.S. cars have been used as car bombs in Iraq but said the number is believed to be at least in the dozens.

In the United States alone, authorities estimate one million vehicles are stolen every year. But only about 35 per cent of them are ever found.

For several years now, the Canadian insurance industry says it warned the government about terrorists profiting from stolen cars.

"The one in particular is Hezbollah, which receives funding from it. It is literally a criminal activity that is used to fund terrorist activities," said Scott Newark, of the National Security Group."

Just so we're all on the same page here: This story is basically saying that it's possible twenty or thirty stolen cars out of one million annually reach the streets of Iraq and are used against an illegal occupation. I would like to meet the Pentagon spinmeisters who dream up these angles, and congratulate them for their creativity.

Next week: A butterfly flaps its wings in Iraq and causes a hurricane in America. Is terrorism responsible for Hurricane Katrina?